Touch for Health – Kinesiology Training

With Jonathan Livingstone
Learn the art of muscle testing and goal-oriented energy balancing

Internationally recognized and accredited training by International Kinesiology College (IKC)

For health practitioners and lay people. If you are:

▪interested in a career in kinesiology;

▪a health professional who wants to extend your expertise;

▪interested in personal development and improving the health of yourself and others.

Level I includes the pre-tests for accurate muscle testing; 14 muscle tests – one for each meridian; techniques to alleviate pain; emotional stress release (ESR); and auricular and visual balancing.

Jonathan Livingstone is a therapist and coach and author of the book about kinesiology, The Therapist Within You (Lemniscate, 2009). He was an elected director of the Kinesiology Federation and has been teaching Touch for Health since 2002.

This TFH training is uniquely offered over three days per level (instead of the usual two days).

There is no extra charge for the additional day. The third day is primarily an opportunity to practise and develop skills. This extra day has an enormous impact on the competence and confidence of Touch for Health kinesiology students as they develop their skills.

Course dates

Touch for Health level I

Days 1: 30 June; Day 2: 1 July 2018
Day 3: June 2018 Date TBA

Touch for Health level II

Days 1 & 2: 9–10 June 2018

Day 3: 16 June

Dates for levels III & IV and Proficiency TFH tba

Touch for Health I £250

Touch for Health levels II–IV £240

Cost includes course manuals and certificates

For more information and to book

Contact Jonathan Livingstone 07951 260446;

Touch for Health