A Workshop with Melanie Taylor and Karin Jarman

22nd and 23rd September 2018

The Foundation Stone Meditation as Inspiration for Contemporary Support Group Work

Creativity lies at the heart of the healing process, within ourselves, the communities we are a part of and society as a whole.
We invite you join us on an inner and outer journey working with The Foundation Stone Meditation in art, colour and themed conversation.

This powerful mantra given in four parts to the members of the Anthroposophical Society in December 1923 by Rudolf Steiner; one year after the devastating destruction of the First Goetheanum through arson. Steiner conceived this building as an outer expression of the New Mysteries. After its total destruction he told the members that this building had been a living building, and could therefore continue to exist in the hearts and minds of each person who wished to connect to the New Mysteries.

In working deeply with this meditation over many years, we found tremendous inspiration to reach out to our fellow human beings, who are seeking, often through illness and life crisis, to find meaning and context in their lives. This gave rise to the impulse of the Oasis work, which is now spreading into different countries, even beyond Europe.

In this workshop, we will create an artistic journey through colour and form moving through the whole meditation, as well as through spoken contributions and conversation.
Sebastian Parsons will present the Soul’s Choice workshops on Sunday afternoon, sister organisation to Oasis.
Anyone who feels a connection to this meditation is invited to participate. It is important to attend both days to have the complete experience of this wonderful mantra. We hope that this workshop will open the Foundation Stone meditation as a spiritual resource for any individual, group activity or training and give inspiration for new initiative.

Cost: £140 for both days. Concessions by individual request.
Venue: Elysia Therapeutic Centre, 52, Bowling Green Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands. DY8 3RZ.

For a programme and bookings please contact:
Melanie Taylor tel. 07810 048 739 / 01384 392072
email: melanietaylor@elysiacentre.org AND/OR
Karin Jarman tel. 07538 072884 / 01453 757436 email: indigo@phonecoop.coop

The Foundation Stone Meditation

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