‘The Calyx has created the cradle for a new spark of life for strength in life.’

The Oasis and Building Bridges initiative, founded by Melanie Taylor, adopted the dormant Calyx Trust in 2004 from Vivienne Klockner. This Charity first provided support for a network of non–locational community building for people all over the country. Through working together in small groups (named Oasis) people experienced a source of healing and renewal as they emerged from a place of suffering or hardship.

Later in 2012, The Calyx Trust also provided the charitable body enabling this community building impulse to develop into a multidisciplinary Therapeutic Centre in Stourbridge. Therapists, Nurses and Doctors provided the resources for health for patients and clients in need of care. This is the Elysia Therapeutic Centre.

The Park Attwood Clinic (1979-2009) had been an inspiration for anthroposophic health care for a full 30 years; its closure also sparked the decision to found the Elysia Therapeutic Centre in Stourbridge in 2010, opening its doors to the public in 2012.

Now, out of necessity in 2020 a new developmental stage has begun. We can see many different organizational bodies offering their founding inspirations to a renewed task through a process of merging, dissolving and re-emergence:

The Calyx Trust has merged, (and closed as an independent charity)

The Elysia Centre has merged, (and closed as an independent Partnership)

Park Attwood Therapeutic Association has merged, (and changed its name) to:

The Elysia Therapeutic Centre Ltd. Community Benefit Society with Charitable status.

Grateful for the past and with thanks to all those who have contributed to Anthroposophic Medical care this century; and towards and what must be for all of us a newly emerging future in 2020.

Sincerely yours, Melanie Taylor

N/B Bequests or donations to the Calyx Trust should please contact the administrator at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre Ltd. for details:

Lindsey Garner, email: admin@elysiacentre.org

The Calyx Trust