Be enveloped, nurtured and nourished to restore energy and increase vitality!

The rose, known for its beauty and scent can help restore harmony and balance. Treatments with rose products can support you if you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by life, boosting your mood and overall sense of well-being.

During your luxurious Rose Face & Body Treatment you will receive a Rhythmical Einreibung Treatment with Fiona Sim followed by an Holistic Treatment Facial with Elizabeth King.

Recently described by a client as, ‘A complete experience. To receive when one is so used to giving can feel indulgent but it is absolutely necessary for health and well-being.’

What the treatment package involves:

Rhythmical Einreibung Treatment

Rhythmical Einreibung is a gentle form of massage, sometimes called therapeutic or healing touch.

This gentle, whole body treatment is deeply relaxing and can help restore a sense of harmony to body and soul. The qualities of rose support energy and lift the mood. The feminine scent of rose oil adds another dimension of beauty to this soothing treatment, restoring a sense of womanliness.

The treatment session is followed with a 25 minute rest and a warm cup of Rose herbal tea. 

Holistic Treatment Facial

Special application movements together with top quality products allows the skin to feel met and held.

Our skin is a breathing boundary, constantly mediating between our inner world and outer environment. This means that we often see the stresses and demands of our lifestyles reflected in the health of our skin. When out of balance, our skin can behave either over-sensitively or otherwise become rather dull and lifeless.

The facial session begins with an active Martina Gebhardt skincare consultation whereby through colour and scent, you choose the skincare combination your heart desires and your skin needs. This is then followed with a deeply cleansing and regenerative facial using the powers of the biodynamic skincare together with special rhythmical and pulsing movements. The gentle application of Rose Oil to the décolleté area completes the experience.

Duration of Rose Face & Body Treatment including rest is 2hr30

Special Package Price of £70 (£80 if treatments booked separately)

Contact Elizabeth 07504 821593

Rose Face & Body Treatment