What is Rhythmical Einreibung?

Rhythmical Einreibung is a method of gentle, therapeutic touch. It is used to support health through its warming, calming and harmonising qualities. It has been developed for use by nurses and carers but is relevant for anyone to learn. Rhythmical Einreibung is an appropriate treatment for people of all ages and can benefit a wide range of physical and emotional health problems.

In the home situation these qualities of relaxing, soothing, gentle touch can be helpful for children or adults who are feeling upset or anxious, if someone is having difficulty sleeping or has general aches and pains.

In health care settings it can be used as a supportive treatment in conditions where there is tension, cold, discomfort or pain. Unlike some other types of massage Rhythmical Einreibung can be relevant for frail or very ill people, even at end of life. It is also helpful for those undergoing treatment for cancer.

One-day Workshop – 12th January 2018

Following the successful one-day workshop, on the very snowy December day at the Centre, we are pleased to share that Fiona will be running a second workshop on Friday 12 January, 9.30am – 3.30pm.

In the one-day workshop you will gain insight into some of the essential qualities of Rhythmical Einreibung:

  • Bringing your full attention to your touch
  • Touching with a relaxed hand
  • Using warmth in your touch
  • Bringing a rhythmical quality

You will learn the following treatments at a basic level:

  • A short foot massage – a relaxing, calming treatment to give if someone has had a hard day, has cold feet or is having difficulty sleeping. The foot massage is like treating the whole body.
  • A shoulder massage – this can be done over the clothes and in either a sitting or lying position. Many people carry tension in their shoulders, so this is a relaxing, reassuring treatment that is practical to give in many different situations.
  • The “asthma back” massage – as the name implies this simple back massage is helpful for breathing difficulties, and may be beneficial for winter coughs and chest infections.

Fiona Sim the workshop leader is a nurse, Rhythmical Einreibung teacher and practitioner. Fiona has been practicing Rhythmical Einreibung for 30 years and also offers treatments at Elysia Therapeutic Centre.

This workshop is for all interested individuals, no previous experience in massage or Rhythmical Einreibung is needed. It is a wonderful opportunity to give and receive conscious touch and you will feel more relaxed at the end of the day.

Cost: £45 (including tea and coffee)
Please bring your own lunch to share

To book your place please email elizabeth@elysiahealth.org


Rhythmical Einreibung – gentle therapeutic touch workshop