The benefits of receiving Rhythmical Einreibung before, during and after pregnancy

The reproductive phase of life can be fulfilling and joyous, and can also bring challenges.

Supporting your health in a natural, holistic way is a priority at this time. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do for the best for you and your baby.

Rhythmical Einreibung (RE) is a gentle form of therapeutic massage that can be used at all stages of your journey to becoming a mother, (it can also help your partner!)

Rhythmical Einreibung works with your own healing forces to strengthen and enliven both mother and baby.

Prior to conception RE can help balance your body, aid relaxation and support your vitality.

During pregnancy RE brings a general harmonising, protective gesture to mother and baby that can be beneficial throughout the whole 9 months. It can ease tiredness and exhaustion, support peaceful sleep, help aching legs and muscle tension in the back and soothe feelings of anxiety. Receiving a massage when you are pregnant means your baby is indirectly receiving it too, naturally, you want this to be appropriate and of the highest quality.

RE during delivery can help calm and relax, reducing pain and deepening breathing. Partners can be taught some simple techniques that may be useful for supporting the mother-to-be.

After delivery RE can help your body recover and regulate again both physically and emotionally. It can also provide support during breast-feeding.

RE is so gentle and non-intrusive that there are very few situations where it is not beneficial. The word Rhythmical in the title expresses the unique quality of this massage technique; each movement in RE has a rhythmical quality created by subtle changes in the contact and intensity. We have many rhythmical processes in our body, think of the menstrual cycle, the rhythms of our breathing and heart-beat. Bringing rhythm to the body in a therapeutic way is like speaking a language that we already know; our body recognises and responds to it. Another key aspect is that RE uses very little pressure, the quality of touch is gentle, secure and encompassing, rather like the way you would touch a new-born baby or something fragile, which means there are very few contra-indications, unlike forms of massage which use deep-tissue work.

Combining soothing, therapeutic touch with beautiful, natural body products creates a health-giving treatment to support you and your baby before, during and after pregnancy.

For more information contact Fiona Sim (Registered Nurse) Rhythmical Einreibung practitioner directly:

Tel: 07581 678112 Email:

Fiona Sim is a Registered Nurse with many years’ experience in Anthroposophic Health Care; she currently works in palliative care and teaches courses and workshops on therapeutic touch.

If you have a history of miscarriage, inform your Fiona beforehand so she can give the best guidance for your recommended treatment plan.

Having miscarried the first time round, when I discovered I was pregnant again, I was filled with both joy and anxiety. Having Fiona’s rhythmical hands move so expertly down my back, while warmly seated in an upright yet relaxed position, is an experience that still lives on within me.  Rhythmical Einreibung massage soothed my anxiety, relieved my lower backache and left me feeling calm and deeply connected with my special bump.’ EL

Pregnancy support with Rhythmical Einreibung (RE)