Coronavirus – Managing Fear and Anxiety Support

Please see below our counsellors and psychotherapists who have volunteered to provide free telephone support at the specific times listed, to listen and help you talk through your anxieties about COVID-19.

We ask you to please note the following:

The support you will receive is not counselling or psychotherapy nor a substitute for such support. For our psychotherapy, counselling and coaching services, please visit our Talking Therapies section.

For anxieties and concerns around your financial situation we recommend you make contact with your local council.

Should the practitioner be busy with another call, please do not leave a message but instead try again within the available time slot given.

If you have missed the time slot offered and your need is desperate we advise you to please call the Samaritans on 116 123. 

PractitionerAvailabilityContact Number
Jonathan LivingstoneMondays
10:00 – 10:30 am
10:45 – 11:15am
Call: 07951 260446
Joanne KingTuesdays
10:30 – 11:00 am
11:00 – 11:30 am
Call: 07412 238249
Sue RogersWednesdays
2:00 – 2:30 pm
2:30 – 3:00 pm
Call: 07776 084401
Annette GordonThursdays
10:00 – 10:30 am
10:45 – 11:15 am
Call: 07963 190317
Melanie TaylorFridays
2:30 – 3:00 pm
3:30 – 4:00 pm
Call: 07810 048739
Jonathan LivingstoneSaturdays
10:00 – 10:30 am
10:45 – 11:15 am
Call: 07951 260446

The Corona Virus – Georg Soldner

Article originally published in “Das Goetheanum” , March 13th, 2020.
Translation: Tascha Babitch

For veterinarians, corona viruses are part of daily life, but now the corona virus SARS-CoV 2 has crossed the barrier to humans. What is a virus, how does it attack the human organism, and how can we respond?

Viruses are closely linked to the organism’s physical body. They originate from the substance of the genome and, like the genome, can influence the metabolism of cells, thereby making them alien to the organism. If an infection occurs, viruses penetrate into the organism. The organism recognizes that certain cells are made alien by the viruses, beginning to do something other than what is best for the whole. It begins to turn against these cells in order to eliminate them. This is what creates the symptoms of the disease that now breaks out: the organism is trying to get rid of the infected
cells so as to get rid of the viruses that have invaded, by employing, for example, coughing, fever, and phlegm. Anyone who dies of a viral infection can therefore also be seen as a victim of their own immune defense, whose regulation is an expression of the individual “I-organization”, the I-presence in the body. Alienation from the body The more a person is already in a situation where the physical body is becoming alien to her or him, the more susceptible she or he is to this viral disease, now called COVID-19. Of course, this is especially true at a higher age, when bones shrink and muscle mass decreases, or in the case of chronic illnesses. Coronavirus infections are particularly difficult to treat in people over 80 years of age, and people with type II diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. The less I am present in my body—the less it is completely permeated by me in this sense— the more easily the infection can spread in the body and the more serious the consequences can be. Of course, how a person who has tested positive is treated is important. Sick people are often abruptly removed from their home environment and were initially treated in China with many other sick people in improvised accommodation. Un- fortunately, conventional medicine has no helpful medication and no vaccine to offer in this case. Often, fever is reduced using medication. However, in severe cases, oxygen support and, if necessary, temporary mechanical ventilation can save lives, which is why it is important that clinical care concentrate on more seriously ill patients. Based on everything we know here, anxiety and antipyretic treatment make patients sicker rather than healthier. What helps people overcome the illness is everything that helps them better penetrate and warm their body, and be able to feel more at home in it. Therefore, it is not surprising that the disease is hardly dangerous for children. This is also true up to the age of 50, where the course of the disease usually corresponds to that of a normal flu. Coughing, rhinitis and fatigue are the typical early symptoms. In addition, pneumonia can be a dangerous aspect of the disease, which is initially recognizable mainly by a higher respiratory frequency. Relationship to the Sun
This virus has particularly negative characteristics from a medical point of view. It can take a very long time for the organism to wake up and notice that there is a foreign guest on board, threatening to cause harm. There is a known case ofthe illness in which the disease only broke out 27 days after infection. On average, however, this period is 5 days, and 95 percent of all cases manifest after 12.5 days. Therefore, those affected are quarantined for a long period of two weeks. This virus is also more contagious than a normal flu virus. On average, one person with the normal flu virus infects 1.3 other people, whereas someone with the corona virus is more likely to infect 3 other people (for a highly infectious disease such as measles or whooping cough, the figure is 12 to 18). The infection rate is therefore higher than with influenza, and it also takes longer to manifest. The combination of these characteristics, which favor an epidemic spread, make physicians worldwide nervous. Relationship to the animal kingdom However, one big puzzle arises: Where do these apparently novel viruses come from and why did they develop? Interestingly enough, many of the viruses come from animals. The corona virus probably comes from the Javanese bat. So why do viruses from the animal kingdom become dangerous for humans? We are currently inflicting untold suffering on animals: Mass slaughter and experimentation on laboratory animals causes pain that the animal kingdom is helpless to bear. Can this suffering lead to consequences that alter viruses that are native to the animal organism? We are used to only looking at the physical and to seeing it as mostly separate from the mind and emotions. Research on intestinal flora, on the microbiome, which includes not only bacteria but also viruses, proves the opposite. This raises not only the
microbiological question of the origin of the virus, but also the moral question of how to deal with the animal world.
Rudolf Steiner pointed out these connections more than 100 years ago. Today it is up to us to investigate these relationships and to ask deeper questions in addition to scientific analysis. What can we do? There are a number of measures we can take in our personal lives to help our organism overcome the disease. These include abstaining from alcohol, moderating sugar consumption, and maintaining a rhythm of life with sufficient sleep and an active relationship with the sun. What our immune system often suffers from is a lack of sunlight, a deficiency that is most severe in the month of March. Seen over the year, the highest mortality rate in our latitudes therefore falls at the end of March. This is related to the lack of sunlight during the winter months and reminds us that it is extremely worthwhile to go outdoors every day and in winter, if possible, at noon, to connect with the periphery, with the elements of the cosmos. When founding Anthroposophic Medicine, even before vitamin D was discovered, Rudolf Steiner used tuberculosis as an example to explain this in detail. It is true that for the immune system, vitamin D tablets can only replace the absorption of sunlight to a limited extent. Potentized phosphorus and correspondingly potentized meteoritic
iron in the morning can also support the immune system as light substances. For those who are older and may have to deal with cardiovascular diseases, anthroposophic basic remedies for the cardiovascular system, regular walking and sufficient sleep are also recommended. Those who sleep less than six hours are much more susceptible to such infections. A healthy breathing between human beings If illness occurs, quarantine is currently recommended, although mild cases can now be treated at home. It seems important to me that Anthroposophic Medicine has decades of experience in treating viral and bacterial pneumonia without antibiotics, with anthroposophic medicines and external applications which can be extremely effective. The physicians in the Medical Section have put together a treatment plan and made it available to international medical colleagues. What weakens the lungs? Two things: a lack of relationship to the earth and the sun, and social tensions. It is therefore advisable to protect your own lungs, this respiratory organ, from the inside and outside by trying to balance social tensions. In my view, those who are in unresolved social conflicts are increasingly at risk here. Medicine has promoted the belief that vaccinations can protect against all infections. This is a mistake. Even the flu vaccination only offers a protection rate of 10 to 30 percent; careful hand washing and hygiene for nose-blowing and coughing are just as effective – without possible vaccination side effects. So, it is an important step to break away from this fearful, defensive image of the environment and our own body and to ask what we, ourselves, can do to support their vitality and integrity.

Body Awareness

Body Awareness is a low impact class useful for all levels incorporating slow, mindful movements that raise bodily awareness to heal persistent tension-based patterns in the body. Corrective exercises are used that are ideal for overcoming bodily pain as well as dramatically increasing flexibility through the healing power of brain-to-muscle awareness and re-education. Body Awareness is based on the principles of Somatics, Feldenkrais as well as breath work and yoga.

Harriet Quinn

Yoga & Somatic Movement education

First class bachelors of the arts in choreography
200 hour yoga certification (accredited and insured with yoga alliance)
Infant movement development certificate IBMT (registered with ISMETA)
Working toward somatic movement therapist qualification with IBMT

Harriet has an extensive background in movement. She is a Yoga and dance teacher and currently training to be a somatic movement therapist. Harriet loves to move and is fascinated with bodies.

Harriet is passionate about helping others to connect to their moving, sensing bodies, encouraging freedom of movement and awakening the creativity in others.

Inspired by techniques of somatic movement re-education, Feldenkrais technique and developmental movement patterns Harriet works with people to help them feel happier and healthier in their body, mind and spirit.

Encouraging people to connect with their authentic self through movement explorations and touch, we cultivate body awareness in a safe and relaxed environment. All classes and workshop are accessible to all levels (unless specified), gentle somatic movement re-education helps us to address, and bring awareness to, unhelpful habits and tensions in the body. As well as supporting us to become more embodied in our day-to-day movement.

Finding playful comfortableness in the body through sensation, visualisation and hands on work, we will often roll, find flow in the transitions and ease in the collaboration of body parts, shifting our perception of ourselves and what we can do.

Harriet offers Body Awareness classes at the Elysia Centre on Mondays and Fridays at 9.30am. Please contact her directly to book as places are limited.

Harriet is also available for 1-2-1 appointments and runs regular workshops throughout the year.

Telephone: 07512 352360 | Email | Website

Samantha Hammond

Kahuna Bodywork Practitioner

VTCT  level 3 massage  (FHT-insured)

I am a fully trained and insured massage practitioner with over 10 years of experience and a specialism in Kahuna bodywork / Lomi Lomi massage . My interest in mind- body connection took me to Hawaii where I trained in Lomi Lomi, a rare ancient  form of massage/bodywork/breathwork/ from pre-Polynesian Hawaii. My work is reflective of the trainings of Kahu Abraham Kawaii This work is a lifestyle and a way of living that allows you to find truth and authenticity in your being and it starts with body awareness.

My aim is to reconnect you with your body and to teach you the power of listening. I invite you to realise a new form of perception, transforming the way we see ourselves and the world around us. When we integrate fully and consciously with our bodies we function effectively, we make grounded decisions, we become more in tune with our emotions, thoughts and reactions and we can truly tap into our self healing capacity. We learn to listen to the wisdom of the body, removing our limitations and restoring and regulating vitality. I like to describe the process as a journey from your head to your heart. 

Your time with me is tailored specifically to you, establishing a client centred treatment plan based on your needs. I also offer a non-touch form of healing for those that struggle with physical stimulation. I hold space and facilitate my clients journey towards embodiment and wellness in a caring,  confidential and supportive way. 

Phone: 07522 015961 | Email | Website

Awaken the Medicine Within – Self-Healing 2 day Workshop

You are your own medicine! Whatever you wish to heal in your life is already within you and ready to be awakened.
This self-healing training program has been specifically designed to empower you to master your self and your life. By aligning to your inner healing resources, you can actively co-create physical health, emotional resilience, mental wellbeing and authentic soulful expression. I will share self-mastery secret’s, which are key to self-mastery, self- realisation, abundance and success.
Throughout life, we unconsciously adopt limiting core beliefs that establish self- sabotaging behaviours, preventing us from living authentically. We allow unconscious fear based programmes to trap us in our comfort zone and restrict our ability to fulfil our highest potential. Past unconscious emotional wounds can govern how we think and feel, therefore inhibit healthy relationships and true emotional expression. Mental and emotional programming inherited from our ancestors can unconsciously determine how we think, feel and behave, therefore hindering true joy and long-term happiness.

However, you can liberate yourself of these unconscious limiting energies and step into your limitless sacred self, so that you can THRIVE in all areas of life!

Over two-days you will:

• discover the Whole-Self S.T.E.P. ApproachTM to self-healing
• explore the Self-RealisationTM Model and how to apply it, in – order to master your own
thoughts, feelings and behaviours
• awaken your inner Medicine Woman
• return to your sacred Divine Energy Blueprint
• align to your 4D Energy Body and Systems
You are powerful beyond measure and it is my absolute pleasure to share this deep and lasting self-healing medicine with you. I look forward to walking along side you on your transformational self-healing journey.

Investment: £255 (Special Offer) Places Available: 6To reserve your place please go to: training-8th-9th-february-2020/

Modified Pilates – Three one-on-one sessions

Three modified one-on-one Pilates sessions with Chartered Physiotherapist, Anna van Zelderen.

     Support for:

     – releasing your muscular tension and relaxation

     – building your core strength

     – improving your posture

Modified Pilates can be particularly beneficial for those with lower back and neck/shoulder problems.

Each session is a duration of one hour.

Total cost of three session: £115 (a saving of £20)

Please note this offer is valid until end March 2020.

For more information or to book please call Anna directly on 07789 852378

or email:

Bridges to Oasis Course

Navigating the Inner and Outer journey; fostering Spirit in the Life of the Soul

In Bridges to Oasis, we celebrate the courage of the human spirit to survive the challenges that difficult life experiences can bring. Hidden sources of creativity and inner healing lie within each human being. Through facilitated support in groups this potential is enlivened and warmed through conversation. A true listening space for participants is encouraged, where each one is recognized, celebrated and valued in their own struggle and achievement.

Bridges to Oasis derives its contents and modular form from the ‘Foundation Stone Meditation’, given by Rudolf Steiner in 1923. The Foundation Stone Meditation describes a triad of spiritual capacities, and forms an archetype for the development of Bridges to Oasis: Spirit-Recalling (past), Spirit-Awareness (present), and Spirit-Vision (future).

Pathway One: Invitation to the Inner and Outer Journey

Starting in September 2020 and running for 12 weeks. We aim to start the 1st Pathway on Wednesday 9th September from 10.00am-1.00pm.

Confidentiality, getting started and sharing with others in a supportive space. Tracing our life stories through biographical and artistic exercises helps us gain a new sense of meaning and purpose. In this Pathway, we journey together through the Outer landscape of our lives, looking at our environment, our connection to life rhythms, our cultural and social experiences, exploring eventually our sense of Self. We take biographical examples from our first 28 years or so and look at small changes we might like to bring to our outer lives.

The Bridges to Oasis Course

A full Bridges to Oasis Course has Three Pathways of 12 weeks each. Each one may be taken on an individual basis. The Pathways are all accompanied by artistic exercises and healing stories from various traditions. These provide powerful pictures through which we can explore our own journeys.

Pathway One follows with:

Pathway Two: Finding a Way

Pathway Three: Embracing the Challenge

Our aim is to address the whole human being in body, soul and spirit.

  • Help develop a wide appreciation of health and healing rather than focusing on the symptoms.
  • Address each person’s hidden potential and facilitate an active engagement with their own healing process.
  • Offer a safe environment where people may share, speak out freely about experiences and support one another.
  • Provide biographical and artistic exercises to encourage greater understanding for the patterns and paths in life.
  • Explore sources of inner and outer creativity.
  • Awaken hope, love and a new purpose in life by mastering the emotional life rather than being swamped by it.
  • Acknowledge that there is an inner journey that runs parallel to the outer one.

For more information and to book a place on the free taster session:

Wednesday the 29th July or Wednesday 2nd September at 10.00am-12am. Please book in advance by sending an email with your name and contact details to:, alternatively phone Melanie: 07810 048739 or Lindsey: 07800 535063. We will then be able to confirm your place.


PAFAM (Patients & Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine) invites you to a Workshop on External Treatments.

February 29th 2020, 9.45 for 10am start – 5pm
at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre, Stourbridge.

Join us and learn some simple & effective treatments which can be safely used at home to support you, family and friends.

• Home First Aid using Arnica, Calendula & Combudoron
• Winter remedies for colds & sore throats
• Oil & ointment cloths

Workshop is led by Fiona Sim – RN, Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist; Frances Tagg –Retired Nurse, Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist; Diana van Delzen: all of whom worked for many years at Park Attwood Clinic & have extensive experience with external treatments.

COST: £35 including refreshments & 2 course lunch

PAFAM’s AGM will be held between 2 – 2.30 PM

Places are limited, contact Cathie Green 07974 390197

Introduction to Veil Painting

The Touch of Light – Part One
An Introduction to Veil Painting with Bernardus Nijhuis

Part One: 7th December and 14th December
10 am until noon at the Elysia Centre

Where light and darkness meet, colours appear. They touch our hearts in many different ways. Colours can be: brave, dominant, exciting, shy, lonely and more. Whereas sculptures characterize themselves by movement and form in three dimensional space, veil painting derives its quality from the conversation between transparent colours in light and darkness. The inner quality of the colours and their transparency elevate our souls from physical existence.

In this workshop you will:

  • Paint, experience, and understand the working of the different colours.
  • Paint and experience the influence of light and darkness in transparent colours.
  • Begin to learn skills and techniques to make veil paintings in a single and more colours.

Workshop Facilitator, Bernardus Nijhuis

Since 2009, Bernardus has worked as a tutor in anthroposophy, teacher trainings, art, self-development, team-building and veil painting for many Waldorf initiatives (schools) across Vietnam, Hong Kong Thailand and China. This role included mentoring the Waldorf school teachers, giving art workshops as well as supporting parents, teachers and children in their personal development.

Cost of Part One: £50
(art materials included).

If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact the Centre.

phone: 01384 392072