Samantha Hammond

Kahuna Bodywork Practitioner

VTCT  level 3 massage  (FHT-insured)

I am a fully trained and insured massage practitioner with over 10 years of experience and a specialism in Kahuna bodywork / Lomi Lomi massage . My interest in mind- body connection took me to Hawaii where I trained in Lomi Lomi, a rare ancient  form of massage/bodywork/breathwork/ from pre-Polynesian Hawaii. My work is reflective of the trainings of Kahu Abraham Kawaii This work is a lifestyle and a way of living that allows you to find truth and authenticity in your being and it starts with body awareness.

My aim is to reconnect you with your body and to teach you the power of listening. I invite you to realise a new form of perception, transforming the way we see ourselves and the world around us. When we integrate fully and consciously with our bodies we function effectively, we make grounded decisions, we become more in tune with our emotions, thoughts and reactions and we can truly tap into our self healing capacity. We learn to listen to the wisdom of the body, removing our limitations and restoring and regulating vitality. I like to describe the process as a journey from your head to your heart. 

Your time with me is tailored specifically to you, establishing a client centred treatment plan based on your needs. I also offer a non-touch form of healing for those that struggle with physical stimulation. I hold space and facilitate my clients journey towards embodiment and wellness in a caring,  confidential and supportive way. 

Phone: 07522 015961 | Email | Website

Connect – Women’s Circle

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.
Brené Brown

Human connection is a key part of health and wellbeing. Circles were a common form of social interaction which our ancestors utilised to share food, stories and wisdom, as well as pass down traditions. ‘Connect’ restores the power of the women’s circle, welcoming like-hearted women to come together as equals for authentic and supportive connection.

Being in circle provides valuable self-care time and a safe container to pause, deepen your connection with yourself and others and nurture your personal needs. It also provides beneficial time and a supportive space to share personal challenges and celebrate your successes. Through the power of community, we all learn, grow and evolve individually and collectively and have the opportunity to be truly witnessed, seen, heard, valued, accepted and affirmed for the incredible woman we are.

Connect encourages conscious communication and female kinship, as well as increased awareness of our ‘self’, our communities and nature. Each month focusses on a particular theme designed to deepen and strengthen these connections through sacred self-healing, self-empowerment and self-mastery techniques.

Each month we gather in the nurturing space of the Art/Eurythmy Room. Groups are purposely kept small to ensure a quality experience and so there are 10 seats available. Your investment for sitting in circle is £15 per month. Payment is required in advance and can be arranged through my personal website at

Connect meets once a month, on a Thursday evening between 7 – 9pm as follows:

• Jan 23rd
• Feb 20th
• March 26th • April 23rd
• May 21st
• June 25th • July 23rd
• Sept 17th
• Oct 15th
• Nov 19th

Awaken the Medicine Within – Self-Healing 2 day Workshop

You are your own medicine! Whatever you wish to heal in your life is already within you and ready to be awakened.
This self-healing training program has been specifically designed to empower you to master your self and your life. By aligning to your inner healing resources, you can actively co-create physical health, emotional resilience, mental wellbeing and authentic soulful expression. I will share self-mastery secret’s, which are key to self-mastery, self- realisation, abundance and success.
Throughout life, we unconsciously adopt limiting core beliefs that establish self- sabotaging behaviours, preventing us from living authentically. We allow unconscious fear based programmes to trap us in our comfort zone and restrict our ability to fulfil our highest potential. Past unconscious emotional wounds can govern how we think and feel, therefore inhibit healthy relationships and true emotional expression. Mental and emotional programming inherited from our ancestors can unconsciously determine how we think, feel and behave, therefore hindering true joy and long-term happiness.

However, you can liberate yourself of these unconscious limiting energies and step into your limitless sacred self, so that you can THRIVE in all areas of life!

Over two-days you will:

• discover the Whole-Self S.T.E.P. ApproachTM to self-healing
• explore the Self-RealisationTM Model and how to apply it, in – order to master your own
thoughts, feelings and behaviours
• awaken your inner Medicine Woman
• return to your sacred Divine Energy Blueprint
• align to your 4D Energy Body and Systems
You are powerful beyond measure and it is my absolute pleasure to share this deep and lasting self-healing medicine with you. I look forward to walking along side you on your transformational self-healing journey.

Investment: £255 (Special Offer) Places Available: 6To reserve your place please go to: training-8th-9th-february-2020/

Modified Pilates – Three one-on-one sessions

Three modified one-on-one Pilates sessions with Chartered Physiotherapist, Anna van Zelderen.

     Support for:

     – releasing your muscular tension and relaxation

     – building your core strength

     – improving your posture

Modified Pilates can be particularly beneficial for those with lower back and neck/shoulder problems.

Each session is a duration of one hour.

Total cost of three session: £115 (a saving of £20)

Please note this offer is valid until end March 2020.

For more information or to book please call Anna directly on 07789 852378

or email:

Oasis Group Workshop

Pathway One: Invitation to the Inner and Outer Journey

Navigating the Inner and Outer journey; fostering Spirit in the Life of the Soul

With Melanie Taylor;

other artists and practitioners will be invited to contribute.

Running weekly, every Monday from 20 April 2020 for 12 weeks.

In Oasis, we celebrate the courage of the human spirit to survive the challenges that difficult life experiences can bring. Hidden sources of creativity and inner healing lie within each human being. Through facilitated support in groups this potential is enlivened and warmed through conversation. A true listening space for participants is encouraged, where each one is recognized, celebrated and valued in their own struggle and achievement.

Tracing our life stories through biographical and artistic exercises helps us gain a new sense of meaning and purpose. In this Pathway, we journey together through the Outer landscape of our lives, looking at our environment, our connection to life rhythms, our cultural and social experiences, exploring eventually our sense of Self. We take biographical examples from our first 28 years or so and look at small changes we might like to bring to our outer lives.

Cost: Please enquire

To find out more contact Melanie Taylor

m. 07810 048739

Gymnastics for the Skin & Soul

Workshop with Elizabeth King and Ursula Werner

Saturday 21 March, 10.00 – 11.15am

Cost: £18 per person

‘Movement exercise that is mindful and conscious is an active and self-responsible way of taking care of oneself.’ Elizabeth King

Elizabeth’s background and fascination in Facial Gymnastics

There are many different approaches and exercise ‘routines’ that exist today.

My mother was a believer in facial gymnastics and as a child I was rather fascinated with a book she had showing many peculiar expressions and pulling of faces.

I was then introduced to a series of exercises in 1999, during my Dr. Hauschka training as a result of Elizabeth Sigmund’s work with Dr Drobil.

The exercises and my approach to facial gymnastics, is a culmination of the many years of working with clients, my work and research into understanding more and more the skin-soul connection, and my significant journey into Eurythmy training.

For this morning’s workshop, Elizabeth has teamed up with Eurythmist, Ursula Werner, to provide an opportunity for you to explore and experience some skin-soul work in action.

The particular focus of the facial exercises will be the eye area. Tired, puffy eyes, lack of tone, over-hanging lids and crow’s feet will all benefit from an eye-workout.

Ursula will open and close the session with some Eurythmy exercises, to prepare for, connect and further enhance the exercises you will learn with Elizabeth.

At the end of the session you will be able to take a way a simple routine that can be easily incorporated into daily life.

What is Eurythmy?

Eurythmy Therapy is based on the understanding that sound and gesture have a specific relationship to maintaining health in the body. This is done by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities through repeating specific gestures which have an effect cognitively, emotionally and physically.

To reserve your place for this workshop, please contact:

Elizabeth King on 07504 821593 or


PAFAM (Patients & Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine) invites you to a Workshop on External Treatments.

February 29th 2020, 9.45 for 10am start – 5pm
at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre, Stourbridge.

Join us and learn some simple & effective treatments which can be safely used at home to support you, family and friends.

• Home First Aid using Arnica, Calendula & Combudoron
• Winter remedies for colds & sore throats
• Oil & ointment cloths

Workshop is led by Fiona Sim – RN, Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist; Frances Tagg –Retired Nurse, Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist; Diana van Delzen: all of whom worked for many years at Park Attwood Clinic & have extensive experience with external treatments.

COST: £35 including refreshments & 2 course lunch

PAFAM’s AGM will be held between 2 – 2.30 PM

Places are limited, contact Cathie Green 07974 390197

Introduction to Veil Painting

The Touch of Light – Part One
An Introduction to Veil Painting with Bernardus Nijhuis

Part One: 7th December and 14th December
10 am until noon at the Elysia Centre

Where light and darkness meet, colours appear. They touch our hearts in many different ways. Colours can be: brave, dominant, exciting, shy, lonely and more. Whereas sculptures characterize themselves by movement and form in three dimensional space, veil painting derives its quality from the conversation between transparent colours in light and darkness. The inner quality of the colours and their transparency elevate our souls from physical existence.

In this workshop you will:

  • Paint, experience, and understand the working of the different colours.
  • Paint and experience the influence of light and darkness in transparent colours.
  • Begin to learn skills and techniques to make veil paintings in a single and more colours.

Workshop Facilitator, Bernardus Nijhuis

Since 2009, Bernardus has worked as a tutor in anthroposophy, teacher trainings, art, self-development, team-building and veil painting for many Waldorf initiatives (schools) across Vietnam, Hong Kong Thailand and China. This role included mentoring the Waldorf school teachers, giving art workshops as well as supporting parents, teachers and children in their personal development.

Cost of Part One: £50
(art materials included).

If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact the Centre.

phone: 01384 392072


Engaging in Facial Exercise

with Elizabeth King

In the Upper Dressing Room of Rudolf Steiner House, I recently delivered a Facial Gymnastics Workshop to ten people who were all around 25 years of age and colleagues.

I had anticipated a much older group and I was also surprised that there was nearly as many men as women.

So why were these young adults at a facial gymnastics workshop?  Two were unhappy about their deeply furrowed foreheads. However, for the majority, it was their jaw clenching and grinding of teeth that they were hoping could somehow be addressed.

Clenched jaws and gnashing of teeth seems to be an issue many people have. After learning a little about the demanding jobs of the group, it was not surprising: it was as if the expression of the ‘will’ is held back in some way and the resulting frustration of this becomes held in the jaw.

The tense, tight jaw means poor circulatory flow, which can in some cases also express itself through the skin’s health. It may suffer with dryness, itchiness and even spottiness along jaw and chest area.

This skin’s reflection is the same in the case of deeply furrowed foreheads, when the busy thinking mind struggles to let go at the end of the day.

So how do facial exercises work?

Bringing real consciousness to the muscle associated with the area of concern brings new awareness. You become aware of how asleep or how over-used that muscle is.

You may have had the experience of someone asking,  ‘Why are you frowning?’ The frown has lasted even after the initial response to a situation should have passed. It is as if the expression has become fixed. By bringing consciousness through facial exercises you quickly begin to notice when you are holding on and can immediately let go. Soon the tendency of holding on is no longer present.

Think about how good one feels generally after exercise: awake, re-energised, clear and, of course, toned. This is the same for the face.

Facial gymnastics also immediately stimulates both the lymph and blood circulation, helping to reduce uneven skin tone, calm redness and enliven dull, lifeless-looking skin.

It is not unusual that after just a week of engaging daily in facial exercise to receive comments such as, ‘Your eyes look so clear and sparkly’; ‘Something is different; you look clearer.” The transformation can be very noticeable.     

If you would like to learn and experience some Facial Gymnastics, please join me at the Workshop on the morning of 5 October at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre.  Cost per person £25.

To reserve your place contact Elizabeth:

Phone: 07504 821593 or

Mindfulness Course

Begins Wednesday 2 October 2019

Running every Wednesday for 8 weeks. Starts at 19:00 ending at 21:00.

Practising Mindfulness allows us to be fully present in our life and work and improve our quality of life.

Mindfulness is a scientifically proven method to cultivate clarity, insight and understanding. 

It helps us recognise habits and unconscious emotional and physical reactions to every day events. 

Mindfulness gives you strategies and techniques to help cope with difficulties that arise in life.  It is a way of paying attention to and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives.  It will not eliminate life’s pressures, but it can help us to respond to them in a calmer manner that benefits our health.

Benefits include:

  • Increased self-awareness and confidence
  • Improved ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Greater awareness to the needs of your body
  • Care and compassion for yourself and others
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Improved energy levels
  • An increased ability to experience calm and relaxation

Who is the course for?

The MLB 8 week “Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety” course provides the tools to minimise the incredible impact that stress can have on our lives. This course allows participants to build a mindfulness practice with the support of a group of peers. The relaxing and welcoming environment of the Elysia Therapeutic Centre offers the perfect surroundings for this process.

Course content

There are eight weekly 2 hour sessions with an opportunity to participate in an all-day practice session which are run throughout the year.  Course tutors are available for support between sessions. 

This course is designed to help anyone who feels they may benefit from learning coping strategies relating to stress and anxiety.  Although there are many benefits of Mindfulness to enhance health and wellbeing, please note this is not a therapy for people who are currently experiencing severe crisis or trauma, or have undergone a disturbing life event in the past year.  If you have difficulty being in a group or have any other queries, please contact the course tutor before booking.

What can you expect?

Each session includes psycho-education, individual and group activities, guided meditation and discussion.  We want you to feel comfortable in the group and you will not be expected to speak in front of others if you find it difficult. Some weeks will include gentle movement.  If you are unsure about this exercise, please contact the course tutor before applying and consult your GP prior to commencement.

In between sessions, there will be home practice which will involve practising the Mindfulness meditations.  To maximise the potential of Mindfulness, regular daily practice is essential.  This requires commitment to both attending all the sessions and completing home practice.  If you are unsure of your ability to commit to up to 30 minutes of practice per day then perhaps the timing of this course is not right for you at the moment.  If this is the case, please contact the course tutor for alternative dates.

In the first session, you will be provided with a course handbook, a CD recording of meditations and on completion of the course, a certificate of attendance.

The course is held with maximum of twelve participants and your course tutors are:

  • Sue Rogers
    A registered integrative counsellor (Ad.Prof.Dip.PC.NCS(Acc)MBACP) working with all age groups, Sue predominantly works to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. Integrating mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy not only achieves a better understanding of ourselves it helps find better ways of coping to improve mental and emotional well-being.
  • Sarah Lucas
    Trained in counselling skills, with a PGCE Teaching degree and decades of teaching practice, Sarah also has extensive coaching experience having worked with the National Freestyle Ski Team (National Coach 1986-1990) fostering what it takes to feel in control and measured.

For more information contact Sue Rogers on 07776 084401 or