Hypnosis & Relaxation Therapy


Using the natural state of hypnosis to help people achieve the changes that they want to make. As a Hypnotherapist, my role is to facilitate this change in partnership with the client. Hypnosis has its own benefits, however, when combined with thoughtful, tailor-made therapy it’s an extremely effective tool to enable change. Hypnotherapy can help a person tackle a wide variety of issues including:
• Overcoming personal barriers
• Eliminating unwanted habits
• Improving confidence and self-esteem
Healing emotional wounds

Relaxation Therapy

This is designed to give the client tools and strategies for managing their own personal anxieties and stresses. As the therapist, my role is to detail the client’s need for relaxation and work in partnership with them to design a course of therapy. Clients are then able to take ownership for the change to happen in their lives. Relaxation Therapy helps to:
• Identify triggers
• Promote positivity
• Improve health and well-being
• Reduce anxiety and stress

PAFAM Workshop: Mental Health

cathiegreen@outlook.comA One Day Workshop looking into Mental Health Issues focusing on Anxiety & Depression

Saturday November 24th 2018
Time: 9.45 am -5 pm
Venue: Elysia Therapeutic Centre

Cost: £35.00 (includes a cooked two course lunch and refreshments)

To book your place on this innovative workshop please contact Cathie Green.
Tel: 07974 390197
Email: cathiegreen@outlook.com

The PAFAM A.G.M will also be held after lunch for thirty minutes

Discovering Touch… rediscovering touch…

Workshop for Individuals with persistent pain

10 November 2018
10:00 – 12:30

Persistent pain (e.g. in our limbs and spine in conditions such as chronic low back pain or fibromyalgia) often goes along with discomfort about being touched or sudden pain during ordinary activity when we don’t expect it. As a result, individuals who suffer with chronic pain very understandably try and avoid touch, being touched or activities that carry a risk of aggravating the pain, often leading to profound restriction on their lives.

This workshop is for people with persistent pain and their partners (or a good friend) who would like to discover/ rediscover their own world of touch through guided, simple and safe exercises. The main objective is to begin to experience touch as something safe, important and enriching to all our daily lives.

What to expect:
The workshop is facilitated by Fiona Sim and Rainer Klocke (Consultant Rheumatologist).
After a brief introduction about chronic pain and the role of touch, we will begin with simple exercises on our own using our hands and feet. We may be using towels, water and/ or oils to support our experience. We will be sharing our own observation and respect each other’s comfort zones.

About the course facilitators:

Fiona Sim is a Registered Nurse, Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist and Rhythmical Einreibung Teacher. She has worked in integrated health care for twenty years and is currently working at Marie Curie Hospice West Midlands and running courses in Rhythmical Einreibung at Emerson College. http://www.emerson.org.uk/rhythmical-einreibung. Fiona sees clients for Rhythmical Einreibung treatments both in their homes and at Elysia Therapeutic Centre. Rhythmical Einreibung is a gentle therapeutic touch technique.

Rainer Klocke has been working as a Consultant Rheumatologist in Dudley for over 13 years and has a special interest in pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. He is particularly interested in complementary approaches to pain management for these conditions.

To cover expenses of this course, we suggest a donation of £ 20.00 (waged) or £ 15:00 (unwaged).

To find out more or register for this workshop, please contact: fiona.sim@live.co.uk

The Foundation Stone Meditation

A Workshop with Melanie Taylor and Karin Jarman

22nd and 23rd September 2018

The Foundation Stone Meditation as Inspiration for Contemporary Support Group Work

Creativity lies at the heart of the healing process, within ourselves, the communities we are a part of and society as a whole.
We invite you join us on an inner and outer journey working with The Foundation Stone Meditation in art, colour and themed conversation.

This powerful mantra given in four parts to the members of the Anthroposophical Society in December 1923 by Rudolf Steiner; one year after the devastating destruction of the First Goetheanum through arson. Steiner conceived this building as an outer expression of the New Mysteries. After its total destruction he told the members that this building had been a living building, and could therefore continue to exist in the hearts and minds of each person who wished to connect to the New Mysteries.

In working deeply with this meditation over many years, we found tremendous inspiration to reach out to our fellow human beings, who are seeking, often through illness and life crisis, to find meaning and context in their lives. This gave rise to the impulse of the Oasis work, which is now spreading into different countries, even beyond Europe.

In this workshop, we will create an artistic journey through colour and form moving through the whole meditation, as well as through spoken contributions and conversation.
Sebastian Parsons will present the Soul’s Choice workshops on Sunday afternoon, sister organisation to Oasis.
Anyone who feels a connection to this meditation is invited to participate. It is important to attend both days to have the complete experience of this wonderful mantra. We hope that this workshop will open the Foundation Stone meditation as a spiritual resource for any individual, group activity or training and give inspiration for new initiative.

Cost: £140 for both days. Concessions by individual request.
Venue: Elysia Therapeutic Centre, 52, Bowling Green Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands. DY8 3RZ.

For a programme and bookings please contact:
Melanie Taylor tel. 07810 048 739 / 01384 392072
email: melanietaylor@elysiacentre.org AND/OR
Karin Jarman tel. 07538 072884 / 01453 757436 email: indigo@phonecoop.coop

Painting for Wellbeing

An Introduction to Veil Painting
with Julie Neale

30 July – 3 August, every morning 10am until 12.30

Julie invites you to explore colour and image through the technique of veil painting. Veil painting is more about the process than it is about the end outcome.

“The calm, almost meditative state that we enter into when painting in this way, is just as important and as beneficial, as the final product.”

In veil painting we start from the colours first and foremost, then allow the movement of each colour to dictate the overall feeling and eventual images that might arise.

Cost: £150, or £25 per session. Limited to 6 participants

No previous painting experience is necessary. All materials & refreshments provided

Booking and further information contact: Julie Neale, Therapeutic Artist. julieaneale@hotmail.com or call 07971 635856.

Soul’s Choice Workshop

Seeing and understanding the living architecture of our Soul

16 June 2018
9am – 4pm

The aim of Soul’s Choice is to support people to fulfill their potential, find their path, and meet their destiny, in all they do, small or big.

Good and evil seem to battle away eternally, within our own hearts and across the globe. However, it is possible to look at this eternal battle differently, and by so doing re-energise and mobilise our whole lives.

Together we will explore our soul-life using simple verbal and artistic exercises, and every-day observations to develop greater skill and confidence in taking our unique spiritual resources into the world.

Cost: £45
Workshop facilitators: Melanie Taylor and Sebastian Parsons

For further information and to book online: https://soulschoice.co.uk/souls-choice-further-information/
Alternatively you can call Melanie Taylor on 07810 048739

Wellbeing Day

A one day retreat to nourish body, soul and spirit

7 July 2018
10 am until 5 pm

The day’s programme includes:

three 1hr therapeutic treatments of your choice,
a nutritious organic lunch
an enlightening workshop around our summer wellbeing theme of root, leaf and flower.

Cost: special offer of £95
Places are limited to 8 people.

One-hour therapeutic treatments available on the day include:
Rhythmical Massage
Therapeutic Art
Conversation with Therapeutic Life Coach
Holistic Facial Treatments

In the meantime, should you wish to find out more or to book, please email: info@elysiacentre.org

Exploring Touch – for pain

A workshop for anyone whose life is affected by Fibromyalgia

Saturday 19th May 2018 10am – 12.30pm

Persistent, widespread pain in our limbs and spine for no obvious reason is a key feature of fibromyalgia. Very often it goes along with discomfort about being touched or sudden pain during ordinary activity when we don’t expect it.

This workshop is for those with fibromyalgia who would like to rediscover their own world of touch through guided, simple and safe exercises.

Together we will explore different aspects of touch and experience gentle, therapeutic touch.

The main objective is to begin to experience touch as something safe and enriching.
The workshop is hands-on and participatory and is open both to people who have fibromyalgia with – or without – their partners.

The workshop is facilitated by Dr Rainer Klocke, Consultant Rheumatologist and Fiona Sim, Registered Nurse.

Cost: £20 per person. £16 for early booking before 5th May 2018.
Maximum number of participants is 8.

For more information and to book a place email fiona.sim@live.co.uk or alternatively call the Elysia Therapeutic Centre directly on 01384 392 072.

Follow on workshops are possible if there is sufficient interest.

Elizabeth King

Holistic Facial Treatments

Elizabeth is passionate about care of the skin. Her extensive knowledge is based on the principle that the skin protects as well as reveals the inner soul-life as it mediates between individual, people and environment.

Balance is required to maintain skin health. Skin that is too sensitive becomes over-reactive and red; skin that is ‘asleep’ is dull and lifeless. Addressing these two polarities with touch and high-quality natural ingredients can help restore equilibrium and keep the skin vital and functioning at its best.

Working with Martina Gebhardt products, a simple and soulful skincare range, and using rhythmical and pulsing movements, the skin and the person feel met and held, so that inner and outer radiance can emerge.

The facial treatment uplifts the spirit and delivers an overall sense of wellbeing and balance.

Elizabeth is also Principal of the Skin & The Soul Within – School of Holistic Skin Care and co-runs the workshop Conscious Connecting

Her facial treatments are designed around the client’s specific skin condition and needs. Elizabeth has particular experience with rosacea, teenage acne as well as irritated, hypersensitive skin conditions.

• Soul-wise Facial Treatment (1hr 15 mins) – £50
• Soul-wise Facial Treatment with Back and Lower Leg Massage (1hr 45 mins) – £70

phone: 07504 821593

Introducing Active Practical Love

“Exploring the highest action of love”
by Dr Tessabella Lovemore

This course is a rare and heart-opening opportunity to explore subjects such as “from Egocentric to Love”, “Knowing myself”, “I Choose”, “The Activity of Love in You as Healer” in 12 lessons running through the year.
We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month for 2 hours starting at 8pm.
Between these lessons, participants will split up into small groups to discuss and share their processes.
The fee for the course is £25 per month. Concessions available on request.

Please express your interest and/or enquiries to Celine at celine.labesse@orange.fr

The inner voice of longing in each human being cries;
“Love me for who I truly am.
The truth of who I am is clouded by all the distorted images of me.
I am bound in chains of distorted images.
Free me.
Love me unconditionally that I may be free to discover who I truly am.”

Loving in this way expands your consciousness, changes your life and changes the lives of the people around you.

There is a way to develop a capacity to love abundantly, unconditionally and unreservedly.

With practice it can be felt as an energetic, expanding warmth flowing from you.

From the first experience of Active Practical Love the perspective of love begins to change in your soul from ‘I need love’ to ‘I am a living source of love’. It is the highest action of love that can change our basic beliefs and behaviour.

This course is a culmination of more than 20 years of developing exercises on how to love. Please find link below for an introduction on the subject.

Tessabella Lovemore Cert Ed, Cert Couns, MEd., PhD. is a Social Scientist, Education Consultant and Counsellor.