Introducing Active Practical Love

“Exploring the highest action of love”
by Dr Tessabella Lovemore

This course is a rare and heart-opening opportunity to explore subjects such as “from Egocentric to Love”, “Knowing myself”, “I Choose”, “The Activity of Love in You as Healer” in 12 lessons running through the year.
We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month for 2 hours starting at 8pm.
Between these lessons, participants will split up into small groups to discuss and share their processes.
The fee for the course is £25 per month. Concessions available on request.

Please express your interest and/or enquiries to Celine at

The inner voice of longing in each human being cries;
“Love me for who I truly am.
The truth of who I am is clouded by all the distorted images of me.
I am bound in chains of distorted images.
Free me.
Love me unconditionally that I may be free to discover who I truly am.”

Loving in this way expands your consciousness, changes your life and changes the lives of the people around you.

There is a way to develop a capacity to love abundantly, unconditionally and unreservedly.

With practice it can be felt as an energetic, expanding warmth flowing from you.

From the first experience of Active Practical Love the perspective of love begins to change in your soul from ‘I need love’ to ‘I am a living source of love’. It is the highest action of love that can change our basic beliefs and behaviour.

This course is a culmination of more than 20 years of developing exercises on how to love. Please find link below for an introduction on the subject.

Tessabella Lovemore Cert Ed, Cert Couns, MEd., PhD. is a Social Scientist, Education Consultant and Counsellor.

Touch for Health

Touch for Health – Kinesiology Training

With Jonathan Livingstone
Learn the art of muscle testing and goal-oriented energy balancing

Internationally recognized and accredited training by International Kinesiology College (IKC)

For health practitioners and lay people. If you are:

▪interested in a career in kinesiology;

▪a health professional who wants to extend your expertise;

▪interested in personal development and improving the health of yourself and others.

Level I includes the pre-tests for accurate muscle testing; 14 muscle tests – one for each meridian; techniques to alleviate pain; emotional stress release (ESR); and auricular and visual balancing.

Jonathan Livingstone is a therapist and coach and author of the book about kinesiology, The Therapist Within You (Lemniscate, 2009). He was an elected director of the Kinesiology Federation and has been teaching Touch for Health since 2002.

This TFH training is uniquely offered over three days per level (instead of the usual two days).

There is no extra charge for the additional day. The third day is primarily an opportunity to practise and develop skills. This extra day has an enormous impact on the competence and confidence of Touch for Health kinesiology students as they develop their skills.

Course dates

Touch for Health level I

Days 1 & 2: 28–9 April 2018

Day 3: 5 May

Touch for Health level II

Days 1 & 2: 9–10 June 2018

Day 3: 16 June

Dates for levels III & IV and Proficiency TFH tba

Touch for Health I £250

Touch for Health levels II–IV £240

Cost includes course manuals and certificates

For more information and to book

Contact Jonathan Livingstone 07951 260446;

Catherine McKean

My name is Catherine, I specialise working as a Meta Health®️Master Practitioner, Meta Kinetics Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

My journey into exploring physical, mental and emotional patterns of health,began with a diagnosis at 18 with an autoimmune disease. Subsequent training and employment in the NHS in Radiotherapy(AP),Chronic Disease and as a Self Management Co-ordinator,  together with my own personal journey created a deeper awareness, empathy and transparency of what individuals may experience with their physical and emotional health. This personal and professional experience has enabled me to transition to my own practice,  so I can observe and facilitate working with individuals as a ‘‘whole being’ rather than just as the symptoms they are experiencing.

Using a persons medical diagnosis/symptoms, I use a systemic approach termed Meta Health® analysis, to explore through specific questioning the plausible relationships between adverse events/stress conflicts, brain relays,physical symptoms, belief structures, emotions, feelings and patterns of behaviour to determine why the body maybe experiencing symptoms.

Within my remit I use Meta Kinetics (kinesiology) to allow deeper exploration into the subconscious mind, then proceed with therapeutic intervention, (Meta Therapy and Meta Coaching) once the deeper patterns linked to the physical, mental and emotional symptoms have been elicited. My aim is to facilitate a new paradigm for a person to create self responsibility, self awareness, self care and self confidence to transform their health and wellbeing.

I am registered with IMMA (International Meta Medicine Association) and AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) for CPD (continuing professional development) and attend regular supervision for updates in the field I work within.

Phone: 07535 354657| Email | Website

Soul-wisdom Workshops

Soul-wisdom means seeing and understanding the living architecture of our inner-life, the way our thoughts, feelings and actions interweave and impact on each other and us as a whole-being.

The Workshops help with personal empowerment in the face of changes and choices you might be facing or want to make in your life.

They can help us understand the dynamics of the soul; how we get stuck with fear, anger or doubt; how we can find authentic ways to make life choices more comprehensible, meaningful and manageable; how understanding choice and purpose enables us to see with new eyes.

Soul-wisdom workshops are for everyone, they help develop skills in relating, leadership and self-leadership.

In the workshops a clear and practical framework for understanding the living architecture of our soul is shared. The workshops use with mindfulness, story-telling and art, through contemplation, sharing and reflection.

The foundational workshop is called Soul’s Choice and is available at the Centre. Further support is available in the form of: Coaching – one-to-one support for life management and goal creation; mentoring – individuals working on Projects; consulting – to leaders and leadership groups in organisations; further soul-wisdom workshops and formal teaching curriculum; public talks and evening workshops

Souls Choice

Soul-wisdom Workshop

An introduction to anthroposophy through the Soul. Understanding how our thoughts, feelings and actions interweave and inform our choices in life.

This allows us to identify our resources, find places where we can get stuck with decision making and security issues, and explore ways of moving forward towards freedom.

We explore our soul-life using simple exercises and every-day observations to develop greater skill and confidence in taking our unique spiritual resources out into the world.

Course Facilitators

Melanie Taylor is co-founder and director of the Elysia Therapeutic Centre in Stourbridge and the Oasis project. She works as a Counsellor and Life Coach and has many years’ experience in helping people with their life questions and choices.

Sebastian Parsons is a social entrepreneur and consultant with a life-long interest in the psychology of organisational change and development. He is founder of Stockwood Community Benefit Society and co-founder of the Elysia Therapeutic Centre.


£45 (concessions by request)


Melanie on 078100 48739

See also

Joanne King

Joanne King MSc
Systemic Psychotherapy (Family Therapy)

Children and Young People’s Mental Health including: Post Adoption, Couple Therapy, Family Conflict, Therapeutic Parenting, Family Loss, Depression, OCD and ASD, Sexuality, Eating Disorder (If under Psychiatric care for risk management)

Life is not always as we planned it out, there are times in our lives when our relationships have become fraught with difficulties for all sorts of reasons. There does not exist a manual that will guide us through the complexity of life through our loses and pain. My role is to provide an opportunity for you and your family to come together, in whatever combination, to have space to talk and explore different ways to understand each other and strengthen relationships.
It’s hard to describe yourself on a page when you the reader doesn’t know you. How do I let you know who I am and whether I am worth investing your time and emotions in? I can list my qualifications which I will for those of you who are interested but it doesn’t really tell you enough about whether I am good at what I do. 
So I will share with you why I am a Family Therapist. I have always been enthused, challenged and inspired by working with children and young people which is why I became a Youth Worker in the early 90’s but then I realised that to really help and support young people you have to be able to help and support parents, carers and people of influence in young people’s lives too. This led me to training as a Family Therapist. Family Therapy approaches fit who I am. 
The approaches I use are about listening and when needed being creative and thoughtful to explore and to discover together what the struggles are. Then to work with you to figure out what kind of relationships you want and how to deal with and manage what we perhaps can’t change.
Why Choose Me?
I have a wealth of experience of working within mental health with children and young people and within difficult relationship issues. 
I work in inpatient facilities and within NHS CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and have worked with private clients/families.
I am aware of how hard it is to ask for help and if only I could give you a gift to know that I am not here to judge you but to be on everyone’s side to help you be able to enjoy each other and have the kind of relationships you want.
When working individually I have lots of experience in engaging young people and children and being creative and playful when needed.

Phone: 07412 238249| Email | Website

Jonathan Livingstone

Kinesiology & brief, solution-focused therapy to resolve emotional problems & achieve goals

Author of The Therapist Within You (2009) and Relearning Experience (in preparation), and creator of Relearning Experience Process (REP), I help people to overcome emotional issues (such as PTSD, anxiety, emotional and physical pain, allergies, stress, unresolved anger or guilt, addiction) and achieve specific goals (such as drug-free natural childbirth, improved work or sport performance, motivation and social confidence).

We (the client and I) will work by first delineating and articulating the problem and desired goal. Then we’ll find out when and how in your history the problem was created. We will resolve the problem there at its origins. Finally, we will test that the problem has been resolved and that the goal is now achievable.

My approach has been developed over many years of training, practice, study and reflection, and is economical, rigorous and highly effective. Usually people require between just two and five consultations for complete resolution of an issue.

I have worked as therapist and coach since leaving teaching almost 20 years ago. I have served as elected director of the Kinesiology Federation. My training is extensive and international, and I have worked in schools and rehab centres; with disadvantaged young people from the townships of South Africa; with villagers in Tamil Nadu following the Asian Tsunami; and trained health professionals internationally.

I also offer Touch for Health kinesiology workshops: International Kinesiology College (IKC) accredited training in muscle testing and kinesiology for those interested in a career in kinesiology; health professionals who want to extend their expertise; and all those interested in personal development and improving the health of themselves and others. Contact me for more information and upcoming dates.

Client Testimonial
Mind blowing therapy today – I never thought I would be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of such in tune life changing therapy – I’m so grateful – felt a shift after leaving you and just had an amazing 2 hour heart to heart conversation with my husband as a result.
Much Gratitude.

Phone: 07951 260446 | Email | Website