Sacred Activism 2018 – the 4th Oasis Pathway

Alternate Saturdays 9.30am – 12.30pm from 3rd March

Oasis is a support group open to anyone looking for new perspectives on life in the face of challenging life circumstances. We work with personal narrative, art and story as a way of describing our inner and outer life experience with a view to stepping into a future rich with new possibility.

Melanie will be offering a 4th Oasis Pathway starting on Saturday 3rd March 2018
This can be taken as a stand-alone course.

Accompanying artistic work will be provided by Dio Mock


The new Fourth Pathway, whilst following the thread of the previous 3 Pathways, can be taken as a stand-alone course offering a new approach to answering life questions in a dynamic yet soul filled way, with the purpose of living life from a sense of sacred activism.


March 3rd 2018 – Gratitude
March 17th – Honouring the pain of the Earth
March 31rd – Seeing with New Eyes
April 14th – Sacred Activism
April 28st – Going Forth
May 12th – Home Coming


Elysia Therapeutic Centre, 52, Bowling Green Road, Stourbridge DY8 2AN

To find out more or to join

Contact Melanie Taylor on 07810 048 739 or email

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If paid in advance then the cost for 6 weeks is £90 (saving £18) and can be paid by cheque at the first session, or online using the form below. If paying weekly then the charge is £18, paid at the session.

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Oasis, co-founded by Melanie Taylor and Bons Voors in 2001 in Maidstone, Kent and developed by close colleagues Karin Jarman, Lindsey Garner and others in different locations across the UK, Spain and Thailand since that time.

Sacred Activism – 4th Oasis Pathway