Rhythmical Massage / Reflexology

Dip. RMT, Dip. Refl. ,Registered with CAHSC
At the basis of my work is the realisation that Rhythmical Massage is not only a means for relaxation but indeed a healing tool for body, soul and spirit. I trained in Rhythmical Massage Therapy in Germany and Switzerland between 1998 – 2003. I have worked in a number of therapeutic settings in Switzerland and in England. I have experience working with Massage at a Clinic offering integrative medicine and therapies, a Therapy Centre as part of a multidisciplinary team and at an educational Trust. In 2011 I became a fully trained Reflexologist. The treatments I offer are tailored to meet your individual needs and are aimed at being relaxing as well as harmonising and rejuvenating.

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Client Testimonials

I am fortunate to have known and received wonderful Rhythmical Massage treatments from Monika for several years.
I first met Monika at Park Attwood Clinic, near Kidderminster, where Rhythmical Massage treatments were recommended to me and I am very pleased that I am still able to receive treatments on a regular basis. These treatments bring me excellent health benefits on a physical, emotional and mental level.
Monika has gained a huge ability, knowledge and in-depth experience of using a holistic approach when performing treatments. This approach delivers huge benefits to the overall health and well-being of her clients.
I would highly recommend Monika as a therapist and am pleased to say it is an honour to do so.

I am finding this form of massage gentle and effective in aiding my recovery from the effect of a serious car accident.Stiffness and pain in my muscles and joints has lessened and circulation has improved.
My anxiety is diminishing and I am feeling more relaxed and confident. The condition of my skin is improving and scar tissue is reduced.

I have a senior management role in distribution,  which requires international travel and people management – so I am used to dealing with professional/work related stress on a daily basis. 
I first went to Monika for reflexology in 2016. My wife arranged the appointment to see if it would help with general stress as I suffer from sever migraine attacks and the frequency had changed from monthly to weekly.
My condition was becoming a problem and overshadowing our personal time together as a family, as the attacks often came on a weekend when I started to relax and wind down.
I had no great expectation, having tried many therapies  since the tender age of 7. As a general rule I am a private person and don’t really like the thought of being touched that much.
Also I have been a lifelong skeptic of alternative and holistic therapies and  gave them little regard along with scented candles, lay-lines and crystals. 
My experience has been extremely positive and one that I am happy to share.
Now, over a year later, I  see Monika every week. It is my personal highlight and selfish me-time. My migraines are at an all time low, less severe and much less of an event in general, down to 6 or 7 a year.
The reflexology really seems to work on me in a way that other therapies just don’t have an effect. It works so well I can’t explain or understand fully. Being skeptical I have looked in vain for any other reason as to why this  change occurred.
Whatever you are looking for, I can’t testify that mine will be the outcome for everyone, only that it has  genuinely helped me greatly and I will continue reflexology as long as possible to ensure this positive change remains.
Very recently, in the last 3 months I have been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer and I am embarking on a journey with treatment. I’d like to add that Monika has been a tremendous positive force, not only enhancing my week through reflexology but by enabling me to articulate my thoughts and feelings at a time of crisis – suggesting coping mechanisms, complimentary therapy and being a  trusted confidant. I will never forget or have a form of words to adequately convey my heartfelt & sincere gratitude.

Monika Horber