MSc. Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor (MBACP); PG Dip. Dys; PGCE; BA Hons.(Fine Art)

Melanie is an Oasis Facilitator and its Co-founder and offers Oasis Group Work at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre.

Melanie believes that reclaiming our deep story means entering a space of attentiveness to our feeling soul within and to our responses to the world about us. Working with other Practitioners she offers a space in which the Soul can awaken, harken and find purpose, joy and meaning in life – and a restoration of personal balance. Melanie co-founded Oasis after a recovering from a serious illness in her mid-thirties, which left her unable to walk. This experience led her on a journey of discovery.

Some life events that may have caused pain and suffering often hold the key to transformation, hope and joy. A true listening space for shared biography can help their spiritual significance to emerge. Artistic activities awaken creativity, access the imaginative dimension and strengthen social awareness. Stories, myths and legends release the mind from everyday concerns, inviting the language of archetypal images belonging to the soul’s journey to appear.’ Melanie Taylor

The Oasis Project originated in Maidstone at the Blackthorne Medical Centre in 2001 with Melanie and Bons Voors. She further developed the Oasis project with Karin Jarman (Artistic Therapist and trainer, St Luke’s Medical Centre in Stroud, (2003-6); with Lucy Trevitt, Creative Writer, Park Attwood Clinic (2006-8); and with Laura Ridolfi Artistic Therapist, Elysia Centre (2014-16).

Melanie, co-founded the Elysia Therapeutic Centre in 2012 along with a team of committed Practitioners who were keen to find a way to continue offering anthroposophic therapeutic and medical care in the West Midlands after the closing of the Park Attwood Clinic.

Melanie also provides a temporary role as ‘Interim Contact Person’ for the Medical Section UK pending a meeting at Rudolf Steiner House with Representatives from the different Anthroposophic Medical and Therapeutic Associations in December 2019. For any enquiries relating to this interim role please contact her at:

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Melanie is a professional Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor and an artist. She leads psycho-therapeutic wellbeing and leadership programmes. Through her presence, active listening and incisive insight she inspires others to overcome inner challenges and to challenge what needs to be overcome externally. As well as being a healer she is a catalyst for positive individual and social change. She has a deep respect for life and through her own healing journey has found ways of working and being that encapsulate a feminine authority that nurtures, holds and heals. As much as anyone in her field, she is well placed to lead initiatives to restore and re-frame the ‘mental health’ agenda to one of re-balancing physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Joshua Malkin

The Oasis Pathways

Philosophy: Oasis derives its contents and modular form from the ‘Foundation Stone Meditation’, given by Rudolf Steiner in 1923, to the members of the newly created Anthroposophical Society. The Foundation Stone Meditation describes a triad of spiritual capacities, and forms an archetype for the development of Oasis: Spirit-Recalling (past), Spirit-Awareness (present), and Spirit-Vision (future).

Pathway One: Invitation to the Inner and Outer Journey
Confidentiality, getting started and sharing with others in a supportive space. Tracing our life stories through biographical and artistic exercises helps us gain a new sense of meaning and purpose. In this Pathway we journey together through the Outer landscape of our lives, looking at our environment, our connection to rhythm, our cultural and social experiences, exploring eventually our sense of Self. We used biographical examples from our first 28 years or so and look at small changes we might like to bring to our lives.
Pathway Two: Finding a Way

In Pathway Two, the work of Oasis begins to focus more on the Inner Journey and how to bring greater strength and grounding to daily life. We work more deeply with Soul qualities; how we think, how we feel and how we bring our ideas into actions through our will. We look at what we might like to initiate as small changes in our inner life by using simple but profoundly helpful exercises in mindfulness and identify where our resistance to change might lie.

Pathway Three: Embracing the Challenge
In this Pathway we prepare for the way ahead. With the help of traditional stories, our hopes and possibilities for the future are acknowledged. Using metaphor and allegory further enrich reflections on our own biography. Affirming our achievements with one another enhances the group work by building confidence in our abilities. Shared insights deepen the experience of this Pathway, also enriched through artistic-work. Finding courage for the way ahead helps us embrace the challenges that life presents in a positive way.

Our aim is to address the whole human being in body, soul and spirit.

  • Help develop a wide appreciation of health and healing rather than focusing on the symptoms.
  • Address each person’s hidden potential and facilitate an active engagement with their own healing process.
  • Offer a safe environment where people may share, speak out freely about experiences and support one another.
  • Provide biographical and artistic exercises to encourage greater understanding for the patterns and paths in life.
  • Explore sources of inner and outer creativity.
  • Awaken hope, love and a new purpose in life by mastering the emotional life rather than being swamped by it.
  • Acknowledge that there is an inner journey that runs parallel to the outer one.


Melanie Taylor