The Therapeutic Life Coach has therapeutic training and skills available to apply to the Coaching process, should they be needed. Sometimes the internal obstacles may be more daunting than the external ones. Building awareness, capacity for responsibility, transformation and self-belief is the purpose of life coaching.

As a unique participant in, and observer of, the world about us, we perceive certain actions available to us at any time. How we feel about our world enables our interaction with it or distance from it.

Therapeutic Life Coaching with Melanie offers an opportunity to explore:
• A sense of identity
• Finding your voice
• Curiosity and attentive listening
• Self-authorization
• Attending to feelings and emotions
• Developing imagination
• Planning and mindful action

Most of us experience first-order learning through trial and error in attempts to achieve the results we want. When we feel ‘stuck’ and out of options, bringing the ‘observer’ we are into the equation, can help expand our horizon.

The beliefs we hold limit the actions we can take at any given moment. Expanding our view of ourselves and the world, seeing issues from different perspectives, enables new thoughts, feelings and actions become available.

When the choices we make lead to positive creative action we participate in the healing of the world, sometimes in new and surprising ways, as we find our ‘voice’.

This method of life coaching works by developing 3 areas of awareness:

Our inner resources are always there but sometimes hidden. They reveal themselves through 3 innate human capacities.
1. Learning – our capacity to recall and think new thoughts
2. Balancing – awareness of our feelings – developing harmony
3. Leading – creative action – mobilising our will for conscious action

At any moment, we might feel lost. At these times, help is available for us to find new perspectives, revealing the different pathways available to us. The following sequence of questioning can be of immediate help in this discovery of Self.

• Purpose
• Imagination
• Deliberation
• Choice
• Affirmation
• Planning
• Action

About Melanie Taylor MSc. Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor (MBACP); Therapeutic Life Coach; PG Dip. Dys; PGCE; BA Hons.

Qualifications and Trainings
Mysterial Leadership Depth Programme (2017)
Mental Health Seminar (1999-2003); Trainer (2004-2016)
Partnership Brokers Training, Level 1 (2015)
Rising Women Rising World (2015)
Certificate in Personal Coaching (2012)
MSc. Integrative Therapeutic Counselling (1999-2006)
Thesis title: ‘The Archetype of the Journey…’
Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Studies in Education (Dyslexia) (1996-97)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education, P.G.C.E. (1977-78)
B.A. Hons. Fine Art (1974-77)


Melanie is a professional Counsellor and Therapeutic Life Coach. She leads psycho-therapeutic wellbeing and leadership programmes. Through her presence, active listening and incisive insight she inspires others to overcome inner challenges and to challenge what needs to be overcome externally. As well as being a healer she is a catalyst for positive individual and social change. She has a deep respect for life and through her own healing journey has found ways of working and being that encapsulate a feminine authority that nurtures, holds and heals. As much as anyone in her field, she is well placed to lead initiatives to restore and re-frame the ‘mental health’ agenda to one of re-balancing physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
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Melanie Taylor