Oasis Facilitator / Soul’s Choice Life Coach / Trainer / Counsellor
MSc. Integrative Therapeutic Counselling, (MBACP)., BA Hons., P.G. Dip. Ed.; P.G.C.E.

Melanie co-founded the Elysia Therapeutic Centre in February 2012 with a team of health-care professionals inspired by the anthroposophic therapeutic vision of Park Attwood Clinic. It was her vision to create a professional yet friendly health and wellbeing centre for the whole community to access by carefully selecting therapists and other healthcare professionals to work in one place. Melanie originally studied art and education before becoming a Counsellor, Therapeutic Life Coach and Trainer. She co-founded PAFAM, Patients and Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine and two strands of activity that support the healing journey of individuals in groups, Building Bridges Retreats and Oasis Pathways. Her current professional work is focussed on Soul’s Choice workshops, nationwide, with Sebastian Parsons, and Therapeutic Life Coaching on a one-to-one basis (see; and the Oasis Pathways (see

Therapeutic Life Coaching

As a unique observer of the world around us, we see the world and perceive certain actions available to us in any given situation. Each action creates a specific result. Most of us, experience first order learning through trial and error of different actions, in attempts to get different results in our lives. When an individual feels ‘stuck’ and out of options, Soul’s Choice Life Coaches bring the Observer we are into the equation, through exploring three soul capacities:

Recognition – Qualities of Thinking – Learning
Harmonising – Qualities of Feeling – Balancing
Mobilising – Qualities of Doing – Leading

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Melanie Taylor