Kinesiology & brief, solution-focused therapy to resolve emotional problems & achieve goals

Author of The Therapist Within You (2009) and Relearning Experience (in preparation), and creator of Relearning Experience Process (REP).

I am currently offering therapeutic sessions online, by telephone or WhatsApp. I can help with stress, anxiety and trauma.

 I help people to overcome emotional issues (such as PTSD, anxiety, emotional and physical pain, allergies, stress, unresolved anger or guilt, addiction) and achieve specific goals (such as drug-free natural childbirth, improved work or sport performance, motivation and social confidence).

We (the client and I) will work by first delineating and articulating the problem and desired goal. Then we’ll find out when and how in your history the problem was created. We will resolve the problem there at its origins. Finally, we will test that the problem has been resolved and that the goal is now achievable.

My approach has been developed over many years of training, practice, study and reflection, and is economical, rigorous and highly effective.

Usually people require between just two and five consultations for complete resolution of an issue.

I have worked as therapist and coach since leaving teaching almost 20 years ago. I have served as elected director of the Kinesiology Federation. My training is extensive and international, and I have worked in schools and rehab centres; with disadvantaged young people from the townships of South Africa; with villagers in Tamil Nadu following the Asian Tsunami; and trained health professionals internationally.

I also offer Touch for Health kinesiology workshops: International Kinesiology College (IKC) accredited training in muscle testing and kinesiology for those interested in a career in kinesiology; health professionals who want to extend their expertise; and all those interested in personal development and improving the health of themselves and others. Contact me for more information and upcoming dates.

Client Testimonial
Mind blowing therapy today – I never thought I would be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of such in tune life changing therapy – I’m so grateful – felt a shift after leaving you and just had an amazing 2 hour heart to heart conversation with my husband as a result.
Much Gratitude.

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Jonathan Livingstone