Would you like to bring your practice to the Elysia Therapeutic Centre?  If you are interested in hiring rooms at the Centre, we invite you to join us and become a member.

We are a therapeutic membership community run by a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

We have 2 counselling rooms, 1 consulting room, 2 massage therapy rooms and a group work and art/movement room. All the rooms are decorated harmoniously and delicately, to feel both homelike and professional.

The Centre has a particular feeling: open and airy, in part because of its architecture, as it is an “Arts and Crafts” house, with a lovely aspect to the sun and generous windows. Set in a small garden, in a secluded area of Stourbridge.

There is a communal staff area. The Centre’s room bookings are managed by a centralised cloud-based service.

The Practitioners that work here are self-employed, but are supported by each other in their work through a CPD programme, a range of meetings, open-days and other events that build the professional community and the connection of the Centre with the local area.

Becoming a member is easy. Come and meet us, have a look around and share something of your work. Our Practice Manager will then work with you and consider your application in the light of the criteria we list below.

Membership costs £50 per month, which includes: 4 pre-paid room-hire sessions, advertising on our website, in-house and on our mailing-list. You will also receive a key to the entrance and access to our online room booking system. Thereafter, room hire for members is £10 per session, invoiced at the end of each month. 

The larger Art/Movement space is available to our practitioner members wishing to hold group workshops at £12.50 per hour, discounted for longer / block bookings.

We are also available for adhoc room hire bookings for non-members at the rate of £12.00 per hour. Our larger group workshop space is available at £14.00 per hour, discounted to £12.50 for block bookings of more than 4 consecutive hours. Note this larger space seats 12 participants comfortably.

Criteria for Appointing Prospective Members

We must feel that:

  1. the applicant has a therapeutic vocation
  2. the applicant is supportive of our purpose and values*
  3. the applicant is open to becoming an active part of the community**

*Our Purpose and Values

Simply put, our purpose is to support the community on their journey towards well being. We understand that health presents opportunities to learn about ourselves, and that learning about ourselves can also support better health.

We value the whole human being – spiritual, physical – body, soul and spirit

We value our uniqueness, our equality and our freedom

**Active Membership

The Elysia Therapeutic Centre has an open and engaged atmosphere because we are more than a space for hire. We have a particular approach to our work that, through sharing and through shared endeavour, shines out so that our work is more than the sum of each individual’s effort.

Although we are keen that members are active in the community of therapists we understand this is not always possible, so all we ask is that prospective members are open to this.

Interested in Joining?

Please phone our Practice Manager, Annamaria Balog on 01384 392 072 or [email protected]