The Touch of Light – Part One
An Introduction to Veil Painting with Bernardus Nijhuis

Part One: 7th December and 14th December
10 am until noon at the Elysia Centre

Where light and darkness meet, colours appear. They touch our hearts in many different ways. Colours can be: brave, dominant, exciting, shy, lonely and more. Whereas sculptures characterize themselves by movement and form in three dimensional space, veil painting derives its quality from the conversation between transparent colours in light and darkness. The inner quality of the colours and their transparency elevate our souls from physical existence.

In this workshop you will:

  • Paint, experience, and understand the working of the different colours.
  • Paint and experience the influence of light and darkness in transparent colours.
  • Begin to learn skills and techniques to make veil paintings in a single and more colours.

Workshop Facilitator, Bernardus Nijhuis

Since 2009, Bernardus has worked as a tutor in anthroposophy, teacher trainings, art, self-development, team-building and veil painting for many Waldorf initiatives (schools) across Vietnam, Hong Kong Thailand and China. This role included mentoring the Waldorf school teachers, giving art workshops as well as supporting parents, teachers and children in their personal development.

Cost of Part One: £50
(art materials included).

If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact the Centre.

phone: 01384 392072

Introduction to Veil Painting