Rhythmical Einreibung (RE) and ‘M’ Technique Practitioner Registered Nurse 1986, Rhythmical Einreibung Practitioner and Teacher 2002, Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist 2010, ‘M’ Technique Practitioner 2013. I offer gentle therapeutic massage that is beneficial for many health problems or if you just want to relax and de-stress. Using healing oils the quality of touch is gentle, reassuring and soothing and supports your body to rebalance and restore itself. Rhythm is a language that the body understands – our bodily processes, heart and lungs, sleeping and waking are all based on rhythm; but when we are unwell, anxious, overtired or otherwise challenged in life, these processes can become unbalanced. Bringing rhythm to the body through gentle touch helps to restore harmony. Rhythmical Einreibung (RE) can be beneficial for:
  • Those with chronic or long-term conditions
  • People who are frail or exhausted, feel stressed or burnt out
  • People who are going through difficult life situations
  • People who have experienced traumatic events
  • Those with eating disorders
  • Those in palliative care and at end of life
  • People with Dementia
  • People with special needs
  • Women who are pregnant or new mothers
  • Babies and children
  • People with mental health conditions, anxiety, depression
  • To support those going through treatment for cancer
RE Treatments last around 30 minutes followed by a rest period. There are very few contra-indications to this gentle technique. ‘M’ Technique is another gentle structured touch technique which is deeply calming and relaxing. Some comments from clients:  “I was diagnosed with bowel cancer nearly two years ago. Fiona Sim’s gentle touch, calm reassurance and expert knowledge in delivering Einreibung massage has formed an integral part of my care package, accompanying me through my illness, the chemoradiotherapy and surgery, and is continuing to support me through the recovery process and return to work. Einreibung massage not only helps me feel better, it makes me feel special and helps me to pace my life, increasing my awareness of my body’s needs and rhythms. I cannot recommend it enough.” Experiencing this kind of touch is incredibly soothing and comforting. It is so subtle that it does not feel like being touched by a person and yet the effects are remarkable. During the treatment I felt inwardly as if my body was reorganising itself and strengthening the core of my being.  I also felt a gentle easing of emotions and processing of sadness that was ready to be released. The tender quality of Rhythmical Einreibung is incredibly warming and nourishing, it has a primal maternal quality conveying deep care.  It was at once something so different to anything I had experienced before and yet on a deeper level felt so familiar. ‘ A bit about myself I have been working with therapeutic touch since 1986 and feel passionately that these modalities are much needed in our touch-deprived society. Rhythmical Einreibung while being gentle is extremely powerful and effective. I worked for twenty-one years at Park Attwood Clinic in Worcestershire and continue to use my knowledge of anthroposophic nursing in my work today. Since 2010 I have worked on the In-patient Unit at Marie Curie Hospice West Midlands, where I use gentle touch to calm and reassure patients when time on shifts allows. With a group of colleagues I developed and delivered the Anthroposophic Health Care Course and since then have developed the Rhythmical Einreibung Courses Programme at Emerson College. I have taught in the USA and on various trainings in the UK including, this year, on the English Training in Anthroposophic Medicine. I also teach ‘M’ Technique on the Quietude Training at Emerson College and at Marie Curie Hospice. I have been offering Rhythmical Einreibung Treatments to clients since 2010 including at Elysia Therapy Centre.   Phone: 07779933326 | Email  
Fiona Sim