Forthcoming Events


February 29th, 2020

PAFAM’s Workshop on External Treatments

February 29th 2020, 9.45 until 5pm.
Cost: £35 incl lunch.

Join us and learn some simple & effective treatments which can be safely used at home to support you, family and friends.

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Gymnastics for the Skin & Soul

March 21st, 2020

Gymnastics for the Skin & Soul
with Elizabeth King and Ursula Werner

A purposeful yet light, fun and invigorating workshop – a perfect start to the spring!

Experience of some “soul gymnastics” thanks to the mindful movements of Eurythmy.
Followed with some useful facial gymnastic exercises specifically designed to support the eye area.

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Regular Groups

Oasis Group Workshop

Oasis Group work:
Navigating the Inner and Outer journey; fostering Spirit in the Life of the Soul

With Melanie Taylor
Running weekly, every Monday from 20 April 2020 for 12 weeks.
Cost: Please enquire

Tracing our life stories through biographical and artistic exercises helps us gain a new sense of meaning and purpose. In Pathway One, we journey together through the Outer landscape of our lives, looking at our environment, our connection to life rhythms, our cultural and social experiences, exploring eventually our sense of Self. We take biographical examples from our first 28 years or so and look at small changes we might like to bring to our outer lives.

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Introduction to Veil Painting

The Touch of Light – Part One
An Introduction to Veil Painting with Bernardus Nijhuis

Part One: 7th December and 14th December
10 am until noon at the Elysia Centre

Where light and darkness meet, colours appear. They touch our hearts in many different ways.

In this workshop you will:

– Paint, experience, and understand the working of the different colours.
– Paint and experience the influence of light and darkness in transparent colours.
– Begin to learn skills and techniques to make veil paintings in a single and more colours.

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