with Elizabeth King

In the Upper Dressing Room of Rudolf Steiner House, I recently delivered a Facial Gymnastics Workshop to ten people who were all around 25 years of age and colleagues.

I had anticipated a much older group and I was also surprised that there was nearly as many men as women.

So why were these young adults at a facial gymnastics workshop?  Two were unhappy about their deeply furrowed foreheads. However, for the majority, it was their jaw clenching and grinding of teeth that they were hoping could somehow be addressed.

Clenched jaws and gnashing of teeth seems to be an issue many people have. After learning a little about the demanding jobs of the group, it was not surprising: it was as if the expression of the ‘will’ is held back in some way and the resulting frustration of this becomes held in the jaw.

The tense, tight jaw means poor circulatory flow, which can in some cases also express itself through the skin’s health. It may suffer with dryness, itchiness and even spottiness along jaw and chest area.

This skin’s reflection is the same in the case of deeply furrowed foreheads, when the busy thinking mind struggles to let go at the end of the day.

So how do facial exercises work?

Bringing real consciousness to the muscle associated with the area of concern brings new awareness. You become aware of how asleep or how over-used that muscle is.

You may have had the experience of someone asking,  ‘Why are you frowning?’ The frown has lasted even after the initial response to a situation should have passed. It is as if the expression has become fixed. By bringing consciousness through facial exercises you quickly begin to notice when you are holding on and can immediately let go. Soon the tendency of holding on is no longer present.

Think about how good one feels generally after exercise: awake, re-energised, clear and, of course, toned. This is the same for the face.

Facial gymnastics also immediately stimulates both the lymph and blood circulation, helping to reduce uneven skin tone, calm redness and enliven dull, lifeless-looking skin.

It is not unusual that after just a week of engaging daily in facial exercise to receive comments such as, ‘Your eyes look so clear and sparkly’; ‘Something is different; you look clearer.” The transformation can be very noticeable.     

If you would like to learn and experience some Facial Gymnastics, please join me at the Workshop on the morning of 5 October at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre.  Cost per person £25.

To reserve your place contact Elizabeth:

Phone: 07504 821593 or elizabeth@skinsensibility.co.uk

Engaging in Facial Exercise