Holistic Facialist & Skincare Education
I am currently offering online complimentary skincare consultations as well as Facial Gymnastic group events and 1-to-1 tutorial sessions via Zoom.

I work with Weleda UK as their skincare expert supporting and developing the holistic skincare education modules for the Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Network. https://www.weleda.co.uk/elizabeth-king

I am passionate about care of the skin and my extensive knowledge is based on the principle that the skin protects as well as reveals the inner soul-life as it mediates between individual, people and environment.


Balance is required to maintain skin health. Skin that is too sensitive becomes over-reactive and red; skin that is ‘asleep’ is dull and lifeless. Addressing these two polarities with touch and high-quality natural ingredients can help restore equilibrium and keep the skin vital and functioning at its best.

Working with Weleda skincare and using rhythmical and pulsing movements, the skin and the person feel met and held, so that inner and outer radiance can emerge.

My facial treatments and skincare advice is designed around the client’s specific skin condition and needs. I have particular experience with rosacea, teenage acne as well as irritated, hypersensitive skin conditions.

The aim of the facial treatment or workshop is to uplift the spirit and deliver an overall sense of well-being and balance.

After lockdown, I very much look forward to resuming my holistic facial treatments at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre. In the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact me for an online appointment or complimentary consultation.

phone: 07504 821593 | Email

Elizabeth King