Dr Rainer Klocke

Rheumatology & Widespread-Pain Clinic

Dr. Rainer Klocke, fully registered Consultant Rheumatologist, is available for consultation on rheumatological problems such as pain and/or stiffness in joints, soft-tissues or spine, combining conventional Rheumatology with a complementary, integrative approach.

Longstanding widespread body pain (e.g fibromyalgia) is a particular  interest. 

New or follow-up consultations, face-to-face or via Zoom/telephone can be arranged as needed by mutual agreement.
For all enquiries or to arrange an appointment, please contact practicemanager@elysiacentre.org

Dr Claudia Kempfen

GP and Anthroposophic Medical Practitioner

I have been a GP since 2002 with my main focus on supporting clients in realising their own healing potential on their unique path in life.

I completed postgraduate trainings: Anthroposophic Doctors Course; Anthroposophic Mental Health Seminar; Eurythmy for Doctors; School Health.

More than 10 years ago I also did some NLP, EFT and Dru yoga ( the latter I practice still).

My particular interests are in cancer care, including mistletoe support; burnout; mental health; functional imbalances; cardiovascular disease, the menopause and health of young people.

Telephone: 07869 219559 | Email