Counsellor MBACP
Level 5 Therapeutic Counselling 2020

Hi, thank you for stopping by my bio. I’m Ben, just a normal every day person with a huge passion and love for what I do, counselling.

Here’s a little bit more about what that is…
I have three core values when it comes to my counselling practice: keeping it simple, working in creative ways and being professional.


Simple, I’ll not use any scary sounding therapy words, instead I’ll offer you a completely none judgemental, empathetic, client central approach to whatever it might be you have going on in your life. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are safe with me.

Creative, when a client wants to and it is appropriate to do so, I like to work creatively with whatever might be going on for you. No need to worry though, you absolutely do not need any artistic ability to work creatively with me. In fact I struggle to draw a convincing stick man myself! So expecting my clients to produce museum quality works of art hardly seems fair… Working creatively to me means sometimes working with materials that might better facilitate our work together but also working outside of the “therapy” box so to speak.We might use colours or shapes to better describe feelings or thoughts.
Often the creativity happens in therapy as organically as talking.

Seeking therapy can be a scary thought and the idea of using colours or objects and having to be “creative” or “arty” can be off really off putting. It is not for everybody and I completely understand that.

Whether your therapy is creative or not, I will guarantee that you will be at the centre of our work together.

Professional counselling for everybody aged 16+. I have worked with people aged 16 to 70, nobody is too old for counselling and I will treat everybody with the same dignity respect and the same regardless of gender, age or whatever it might be that is going on for you. I absolutely believe that you are the expert on you and as a result it is not my place to give you advice. Instead I’ll aim to provide a safe space for you to explore whatever it might be that is you are seeking to better understand.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Phone number: 07415870271 | Email | Website

Ben Peasley