You are your own medicine! Whatever you wish to heal in your life is already within you and ready to be awakened.
This self-healing training program has been specifically designed to empower you to master your self and your life. By aligning to your inner healing resources, you can actively co-create physical health, emotional resilience, mental wellbeing and authentic soulful expression. I will share self-mastery secret’s, which are key to self-mastery, self- realisation, abundance and success.
Throughout life, we unconsciously adopt limiting core beliefs that establish self- sabotaging behaviours, preventing us from living authentically. We allow unconscious fear based programmes to trap us in our comfort zone and restrict our ability to fulfil our highest potential. Past unconscious emotional wounds can govern how we think and feel, therefore inhibit healthy relationships and true emotional expression. Mental and emotional programming inherited from our ancestors can unconsciously determine how we think, feel and behave, therefore hindering true joy and long-term happiness.

However, you can liberate yourself of these unconscious limiting energies and step into your limitless sacred self, so that you can THRIVE in all areas of life!

Over two-days you will:

• discover the Whole-Self S.T.E.P. ApproachTM to self-healing
• explore the Self-RealisationTM Model and how to apply it, in – order to master your own
thoughts, feelings and behaviours
• awaken your inner Medicine Woman
• return to your sacred Divine Energy Blueprint
• align to your 4D Energy Body and Systems
You are powerful beyond measure and it is my absolute pleasure to share this deep and lasting self-healing medicine with you. I look forward to walking along side you on your transformational self-healing journey.

Investment: £255 (Special Offer) Places Available: 6To reserve your place please go to: training-8th-9th-february-2020/

Awaken the Medicine Within – Self-Healing 2 day Workshop