Dr Kostas Kouriatis

Dr Kostas Kouriatis

Counselling Psychologist and Accredited EMDR Therapist

HCPC reg., AFBPsS., MBACP reg. & EMDR Association UK

I am a Counselling Psychologist and Accredited EMDR Therapist with experience in working with people presenting with a wide range of psychological difficulties. 

My background is diverse as I have worked in a Community Mental Health Team, a Specialist Psychotherapy Department, a Community Health Psychology Service and a University Counselling Centre. I have also worked as a University Lecturer for the University of East London and Visiting Lecturer for the City University of London.

I have experience in working with different therapeutic models (integrative, EMDR CBT, ACT, person-centred, psychodynamic and family-systemic) and I have developed an eclectic approach, which is tailored to each individual’s unique self and needs.

Being an accredited EMDR therapist, I make use of this specialised therapy in my practice to help people who have had traumatic experiences and have developed distress in the form of PTSD, phobias, anxiety, depression and other difficulties.

Telephone: 07568 363738 | Email | Website

Luke Smith Photo

Luke Smith


I am passionate about helping people process their difficulties to enable them to take charge of their mental health and well-being. I provide a safe, confidential, compassionate and non-judgmental space for clients. I currently work with anyone over the age of 18 allowing them to explore and talk through issues and ultimately, to heal.

I am qualified in integrative counselling, which draws on different modalities that can be tailored to your needs. As we are all different, we all require a different approaches. I am fully trained in the following modalities: Person Centred Therapy, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Gestalt Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy. In addition to this, I obtained a degree in Teaching and Learning Support (2012) and a diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2013). I am currently training in EMDR Therapy.


Dio Mock

Dio Mock

Integrative Psychotherapist

My approach is based on our relational experience – how do we experience ourselves in the world and how does the world affect us. To feel supported we need to feel safe, from there we can explore our needs and challenges. I value individual difference, honesty, integrity, finding your own path, standing out from the crowd and connection. I embrace mindfulness and spiritual practices with warmth and humour.



Lynn Gant

Lynn Gant

Chartered Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Physiotherapy 2006 MSc Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy 2002 Body Control
Pilates Level 3 Matwork Instructor 2019 200 hour British Wheel of Yoga teacher training

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist with strong focus on diagnosis and health screening as part of
assessment. Treatment options to include massage, hot stone massage, joint and soft
tissue stretches and mobilisation, acupuncture, exercises. Pilates classes – 1:1 or small
group sessions. Focus on balancing the muscles / alignment of the body, building strength
and improving posture and pain.

Phone: 07931 304372 | Email | Website

Charlotte Morris

Person-Centred Therapeutic Counsellor

Here to help you, help yourself.

I am a person-centred talking therapist, which means that my approach is based fully around you
(the client) and your needs. This type of therapy involves working through your past and present
issues that you may be facing in your own time and I am there to help you to talk through whatever
these issues might be. This therapy is here for each of my clients to feel listened to in a time of need.

I work with clients who have had difficulty with eating disorders,
miscarriages, PTSD, sexuality and relationships, self-destructive ideologies such as suicide and
self-harm, addiction, menopause, bereavement of many kinds, phobias such as agoraphobia and
coming to terms with a change.

Annamaria Balog

Eurythmy Teacher, Trainer and Therapist

In eurythmy therapy I invite clients to engage with a movement sequence that is tailored to their individual needs and abilities.

Taking up a daily practise of
eurythmy can assist with most physical, emotional and mental imbalances awakening in oneself the will and strength to gain command over difficulties.

I work with clients of all ages.

Phone: 07419 313488

Fiona Sim

Rhythmical Einreibung (RE) and ‘M’ Technique Practitioner

I offer gentle therapeutic massage that is beneficial for many health problems or if you just want to relax and de-stress. Using healing oils the quality of touch is gentle, reassuring and soothing and supports your body to rebalance and restore itself. Rhythm is a language that the body understands – our bodily processes, heart and lungs, sleeping and waking are all based on rhythm; but when we are unwell, anxious, overtired or otherwise challenged in life, these processes can become unbalanced. Bringing rhythm to the body through gentle touch helps to restore harmony.

Phone: 07779 933326 | Email