Annette Gordon

Counselling for individuals and couples / Supervision
Registered MBACP (Accred); M.A. Couns; Dip Couns Supervision; Dip Biog Couns; PG Dip DrTh; Cert Ed

During lockdown restrictions I have been able to offer counselling via phone or Zoom video calls as well as face to face at the Elysia Therapeutic Centre. I am continuing to offer these possibilities according to whichever option suits you.

My work with you is based very much on your needs and takes in the bigger picture of the human being and your biography, helping you to find some meaning in the challenges that you meet.  These challenges can provide us with an opportunity to develop and grow new capacities within ourselves that can lead to finding a more fulfilling way forward in life. I integrate various modalities into my practice, particularly biographical counselling, the person-centred approach, solution-focussed work, cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic practice and the use of creative methods.

I have been counselling since 1994, working mainly in private practice, school settings, general practices and within the voluntary sector.  My work involves counselling individuals, children, young people and couples who may be struggling with issues such as relationship difficulties, life crises, bereavement, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, trauma, anger and loss. This can be on a short or longer-term basis. 

I am a qualified counselling supervisor working with experienced and trainee counsellors.

Telephone: 07963 190317 | Email

Melanie Taylor

MSc. Integrative Therapeutic Counselling, (MBACP). P.G. Dip. Ed.; P.G.C.E.; BA Hons.(Fine Art)
Liminal Space Counselling – the helping conversation

‘Liminal space is an in-between space. It is the space when you are ‘on the verge’ of something new: you are between ‘what was’ and ‘what will be’. You are waiting and ‘not knowing’ about what will come.’

When something in your life isn’t working, when everything that usually keeps you going isn’t enough, a helping conversation can provide new resources. I seek to build a compassionate, confidential, therapeutic space with you, so that we can work together to explore what’s happening in your life, discover meaning in the struggle, and find what you need to grow.

As a third age counsellor with a broad range of life experience, I understand how hard it can be to seek the support you need when you do not feel understood by others. I bring personal resource and counselling skills to support you on your journey during times of not knowing, transition or change.

Phone: 07810 048739 | Email

Sue Rogers

Psychotherapist/Counsellor & Mindfulness Practitioner

I am a qualified psychotherapist /counsellor working with adults, young people and children. I work integratively, using different approaches from the major therapeutic models to suit your needs. I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space. I help with difficulties such as depression, all types of anxiety and stress including OCD, phobias and PTSD, anger, family issues, bereavement and loss, sexuality and relationships, trauma and self defeating behaviours such as self harm. My work with children and young people is age appropriate. I have an extensive knowledge base regarding the nature of childhood and adolescent development. Younger children are encouraged to express themselves in a non-verbal way using a range of art, stories and creative methods. I teach Mindfulness and provide one-to-one sessions and group work in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as recommended by the NHS (NICE Guidelines), where I predominantly work to reduce stress and promote psychological wellbeing.

Phone: 07776 084401 | Email | Website

Karolina Pawinska

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy
MA.CPP, UKCP Accredited, BACP Reg.

I offer Core Process Psychotherapy, a mindfulness based approach in therapy.
I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 2007, having completed my professional training at the Karuna Institute, Devon, UK. Core Process Psychotherapy falls under the umbrella of humanistic and integrative approaches within the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

I wish to accompany your journey and support you being with any challenges that you might be experiencing. By truly allowing our experience to be, we have the possibility of moving forward and reconnecting with a greater sense of wellbeing. I work at a pace that is right for you, helping you to identify resources that can support you during therapy and in your life.
I offer my work in English and Polish and offer both short and long term work for adults on a weekly basis.

For further details please see my website. I offer a first meeting free of cost which is an introduction to the work we can do together and an exploration of your needs.

Telephone: 07971 705278 | Email | Website

Ursula Werner

Eurythmy Therapy is a holistic movement therapy which engages not only a physical but also a cognitive and emotional level. It works with rhythms, spatial exercises and movements connected to sounds of speech and music which have relationships to the healing forces in the human organism. Like the sound in our language, the movements belonging to them have a variety of qualities and can be chosen and adjusted to meet the needs of each individual client his/her path to better health and well being.

Some Eurythmy Therapy movements can support breathing and relaxation thereby diminishing tension and anxiety. Other movements can strengthen the experience of one’s centre and boundaries and improve inner and outer balance.

Through engaging the whole human being and allowing the client to be active in the therapy process, practising Eurythmy Therapy movements can stimulate the harmonizing and healing processes within us and can be beneficial for a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

Ursula Werner has practiced Eurythmy Therapy for over 20 years and is a member of the Eurythmy Therapy Association of the UK and of Anthromed.

Phone: 07888 399724 | Email

Adrian Large

Rhythmical Massage / Naturopathy / Body Treatments
Naturopathy (N.D.), Rhythmical Massage Therapy (Dip RMT) Remedial Massage Therapy (L.C.S.P.) Bowen Therapy (E.C.B.S.) Emmett Technique

To arrange a appointment, contact me, preferably by text message, indicating your interest and I will then call you back.

I am a Healthcare Practitioner with many years’ experience offering a wide range of therapies, which can be adapted to the needs of each client. I take an integrated holistic and naturopathic approach to my treatments. I work with people of all ages, and deal with acute problems such as low back pain of sudden onset, as well as chronic health conditions.

Mental Health difficulties are addressed as well as physical problems, for example: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain Management, Arthritic conditions and Muscular tension.

Supporting circulation and lymph drainage. Digestive disorders. Insomnia. Immune support. Asthma, Migraines and headaches. Menstrual Problems.

Phone: 07906 096486 | Email

Frances Tagg

Psychotherapy & Counselling
MA Psychotherapy; Dip. Couns; UKCP Registered

During the current lockdown situation I am offering therapy via telephone or zoom video calls. For more information please phone 07429 488546 or Email me.

I am an experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist offering both short and longer term therapy for a wide range of issues. These may include finding support in periods of distress, addressing a particular issue (eg. anxiety, anger, relationships, self-esteem, identity, bereavement etc.,) or the wish to deepen your awareness and understanding of yourself, your patterns and your experience. I hope to help you gain insight, enhance your life and to live it more fully and creatively through the experience of a respectful, supportive and trusting therapeutic relationship. In my experience this is the catalyst for coming into true relationship with oneself, healing relational trauma and connecting with others.
My training is in Psychosynthesis, a depth psychology which has been called a psychology of Hope as well as of ‘Will and Love’. Core to this is an awareness that suffering and growth go hand in hand and that finding our good and skillful will allows us to connect with what holds value, meaning and purpose for us. And somewhere along the line we get glimpses of what Love might feel like as well. My practice is also informed by mindfulness, attachment theory, neuroscience, somatic experiencing, Davanloo’s ISTDP and meditation.
Please feel free to enquire for further details.
Phone: 07429 488546 | Email | Website

Dr Claudia Kempfen

GP and Anthroposophic Medical Practitioner

I have been a GP since 2002 with my main focus on supporting clients in realising their own healing potential on their unique path in life.

I completed postgraduate trainings: Anthroposophic Doctors Course; Anthroposophic Mental Health Seminar; Eurythmy for Doctors; School Health.

More than 10 years ago I also did some NLP, EFT and Dru yoga ( the latter I practice still).

My particular interests are in cancer care, including mistletoe support; burnout; mental health; functional imbalances; cardiovascular disease, the menopause and health of young people.

Telephone: 07869 219559 | Email