My name is Catherine, I specialise working as a Meta Health®️Master Practitioner, Meta Kinetics Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

My journey into the Elysia Therapeutic Centre to introduce Meta Health® has been an accumulation of understanding why as a teenager, my body had created an auto immune disease; and that after years of working within Self Care and Management of Long Term Conditions, the most important challenge is treating a person as a ‘whole’ to enable self-awareness and self-responsibility in health and wellbeing. 

The commitment to a more person centred approach to managing physical and mental illness and putting the needs of people at the forefront with an integrative model, has been the drive for a number of years in the NHS, but time, increased costs and patient numbers, lack of resources and funding has meant that while there has been clear pathways built, there is still much more input needed. 

What if there was a system that bridged the gap between the traditional medical model and mind body medicine? A system that explored a medical diagnosis and provided a framework for a new paradigm for a person to create self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-care and self-confidence to truly transform their health and wellbeing.

Welcome to Meta Health

META-Health® is an advancing organ-bio-psycho-social framework, that adopts a systemic method of enquiry and analysis. It theoretically explains and practically demonstrates the cause, meaning and process of any dis-ease on a biological, psychological and behavioural level. Meta Health is a scientific framework, based on research via brain relay diagnostics and a set of guiding principles.

Principles of Meta Health® are that nature does not make errors or mistakes and our organism is a highly intelligent, orderly and sophisticated system, so there is no separation between body, mind and spirit embedded in the social environment.  Meta Health explores significant emotional events and threshold breaches of stress as the beginning of the disease process, using brain relay diagnostics and evolutionary embryonic layers to determine organ reactions which are in stress and regeneration phases. It uses a person’s subjective perception and feedback to determine how the significant stress has imprinted on a person’s biology, psychology and brain.

Meta Health® is not a diagnostic tool for disease nor a therapy, it precedes therapy, using a framework of Meta Analysis. It identifies how significant emotional events are connected to physical symptoms, brain relays, belief structures, emotions, feelings and patterns of behaviour; creating an awareness for a client as how unexpected events can imprint on a person’s physical, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual well-being. Once a Meta Analysis is completed then a therapeutic and coaching plan can be implemented.

How I work

I offer a free 20minute consultation via telephone for any new enquiries.

A Meta Health discovery session of up to 2.5hrs is the beginning of a person’s journey, this maps a timeline, significant events, diagnosis, mental and behavioural patterns. Following this, each person’s sessions are decided upon their need. A minimum of 6, 1.5hr sessions are required to work with Meta Health 1-1.

If you are a GP practice, health care professional including occupational health, and would like me to come and discuss Meta Health® and how it can be incorporated into your pathway, please email: [email protected]

Phone: 07813 912092| Email

Catherine Mc Kean

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