Therapeutic Art

Therapeutic Art

Therapeutic Art is used to support each person's journey through different stages of healing. The therapeutically guided process through colour and form in painting, drawing or clay modelling invites the client to see themselves, as well as their surroundings, in a new light.

In this way illness or crisis become windows of opportunity for exploring new potential. Inner nourishment and renewed interest in life may be experienced as a result.

Many people also like to attend a therapeutic art session as a preventative measure, recognising the importance of balancing the demands of a busy life with looking after oneself on a soul level in order to have new strength, creativity, joy and focus.

A therapeutic journey often involves a sequence of several paintings or sculptures that belong together and are worked on over a period of time. The emphasis in the process is not on perfection or the finished product but on the creative activity itself.

Whether in small groups or one-to-one sessions, the therapist will work with you in a supportive way to explore the themes that may nourish you as well as enable you to make new steps towards a sense of inner growth and wholeness.

No previous artistic experience is necessary.

Group Work
Thursday mornings 10.30am-12noon.

Small group sessions for up to 6 participants. In this group, each person will be supported through their own creative process and new people will be able to join any time there is a space available.

Individual art therapy sessions. Individual sessions are available on Thursday afternoons where you can discover more about yourself through art. In a safe space you will be able to experience how therapeutic art can help to address physical symptoms as well as emotional pain - transforming and giving meaning to life at a deeper level. Taster sessions are available and no previous artistic experience is necessary.

The following therapists offer Therapeutic Art. Please contact them directly to make an appointment:

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