Cancer Care

What can a Combined Therapy Support Plan offer to the patient who has Cancer?
A therapy plan which involves carefully selected therapies is helpful for many illnesses.
Cancer Care

The diagnosis of cancer is a major traumatic event for most people. Often they feel caught up in a process which is surrounded by uncertainty, fear and anxiety. Also there is usually a sense of urgency, and an awareness that some form of treatment needs to get going as soon as possible.

At this stage it is particularly helpful to be able to find a doctor or health professional who can offer a quiet space in order to look at all the options. This can include the so called 'complementary' treatments.

Probably the most important thing to begin is the Viscum (Mistletoe) therapy. This has the possibility of being given alongside any conventional treatment.
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Conventional treatments with chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be quite daunting. Fortunately many support services have been developed to help people through these difficult times and are often an essential resource for those facing serious health issues.

Anthroposophic Medicine, which developed the Mistletoe Therapy, can also offer help and support to the cancer patient. An anthroposophic doctor will be able too oversee the Mistletoe injections also give general medical support to the patient.

At the Elysia centre there are, in addition, various therapies available which have arisen out of the same understanding that address the whole person. Many of these therapies have been found to be particularly helpful to the patient suffering from cancer.

Deep existential questions often arise at this time and there can be a need to work through various pressing issues. Biographical Counselling, or psychotherapy can be helpful here, as can the support of a group (see Oasis Group Support), which helps in this search for meaning through the pathways of our biography in art and conversation.

A heightened awareness of ones own mortality may spur one on to want to bring more meaning and creativity into ones life. It is here that the artistic therapies have much to offer. Via the mediums of colour,(Therapeutic Art) and modelling, (Sculpture Therapy), and speech formation there is much to be explored.

The art of movement, called Eurythmy, has been developed into a remarkable transformative therapy with special sequences of movements which work with the formative principles in nature and can bring healing to specific illnesses.

Finally the physical body can be addressed directly with the gentle but deeply acting Rhythmical Massage. A milder form developed for the nursing profession can also be helpful (Rhythmical Einreibung). Appropriate Nutritional and dietary advice will also be important.

Adrian Large is the Elysia Centre's therapy coordinator for Cancer Care and support.

At the Elysia Therapeutic Centre the Therapeutic Coordinator can help. Together with the client, the coordinator will work out an approropriate programme of therapies.

Please contact the Therapeutic Coordinator directly to make an appointment:

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