Founder's Story

Melanie Taylor

Melanie Taylor:
Centre Director and Therapist

Melanie founded the Elysia Therapeutic Centre in February 2012 with a team of health-care professionals who were inspired to extend the therapeutic vision of Park Attwood Therapeutic Clinic. After years working as a counsellor and therapist, it was her vision to create a professional yet friendly health and wellbeing centre for the whole community to access, by carefully selecting therapists and other professionals to work together in one place.

Melanie originally studied fine art and education before becoming a counsellor, group facilitator and trainer.

Through her own experience of a physical crisis, which corresponded with her spiritual journey and newly acquired self-knowledge, she felt the call to put this understanding into the service of others. Melanie co-founded two strands of work that support the inner healing journey. The first was Building Bridges Retreats in 1998 and in 2001 the Oasis Project for groups. Subsequently she brought the learning from these two strands together with a third strand and founded the Bridges-to-Oasis Group Facilitation Training in 2009, becoming its director. The training is for health care professionals in the Oasis method for applied group work.

In 2012 she founded the Elysia Therapeutic Centre with a group of partners. This new centre arose as a result of the closure of Park Attwood, a residential anthroposophic therapeutic clinic where Melanie herself had been a patient and found health and inspiration for her work.

Her own battle with a serious illness had begun in 1993, when she was diagnosed with an ependymoma of the spine. Eighteen months later, following a course of radiotherapy with surgical complications, she lost the use of her lower limbs. With three young children to look after, despite the enormity of the physical issues she faced, it was the inner journey, which ran parallel to the outer medical experience that she found most challenging and eventually full of new meaning. It was this inner journey that led her to re-train from teacher to counsellor. Melanie has transformed her life. Her wish to enable other people find meaning and value in their own lives, despite the outer challenges, comes to expression in all her work.

Melanie’s vision is for creating places and spaces where true meetings can happen between people to explore the deeper questions of life and its meaning, help them gain confidence and affirmation for the continuing journey ahead and be supported in their health through anthroposophic medicine and therapy in its wider sense.

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