Client Testimonials



“I am finding this form of massage gentle and effective in aiding my recovery from the effects of a serious car accident. Stiffness and pain in my muscles and joints has lessened. My anxiety is diminishing and I am feeling more relaxed and confident. The condition of my skin is improving and scar tissue is reduced, with an added improvement in my circulation.”


“I booked a number of sessions with Annette as I was feeling very unhappy, angry, anxious and lost. Annette really helped me to discover the issues that were really bothering me. She got me to recognise the things that were making me angry and anxious and helped me to address them. Since finishing my sessions I feel much happier and positive and much less anxious. Whenever I do feel anxious or angry I think back to our sessions and put into practice the techniques I learnt. I would highly recommend Annette to anyone.”

“I went to counselling following the death of my ex-wife. I knew that I was grieving and that I was very angry. I was guided by gentle and subtle questioning which helped me to examine the underlying reasons for my anger. The first couple of sessions were exhausting as we addressed some very difficult areas, but as they continued I began to understand my anger and was able to set it aside. I have experienced counselling before, but with limited success. I am very grateful to Annette for her gentle guidance through some very deep and harrowing issues.”

“When I first met Jane, I knew I had hit a crisis point and was in a fragile state. She guided me in a gentle, structured and kind way. She never told me what to think, but helped me to think it through myself and armed me with strategies for coping in moments of doubt which I will continue to use. I expect to have times when I need her again and know she will help with care, patience, understanding and most of all kindness.”


“Seeing the humanity, frailty and courage in other people helped to lift me out of the corner of my own suffering.”

“Meeting with others who are on a similar journey has really reduced my sense of isolation.”

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