The Calyx Trust

The Calyx Trust

The Trust aims to: enliven and support individuals to gain strength to face crisis, trauma or long term illness, by providing access to creative activities, therapeutic treatments and relevant trainings.

Its Task is: to raise and channel funds to those actively seeking help to undertake or promote activities that support this objective.

Thus the Trust aims to support an individual’s ability to access organisations which provide creative activities, training and therapeutic treatment with special reference to the anthroposophical* understanding of the human being. These organisations offer the opportunity to experience the balance between the outer quest for knowledge and the inner need for healing.

* currently embodied by the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science, founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, and centered at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.

Currently, the organisations supported by the Trust are members of the Elysia Consortium for Social and Therapeutic Renewal: Building Bridges; Oasis Groups; The Bridges to Oasis Training and the Elysia Centre. For information about the Consortium, visit

Our capacity to help others relies upon donations from those who recognise or have met our work and out of their own freedom wish to help us continue our aim. Donations towards this work are always welcome.

The Calyx Trust

‘The Calyx is the cradle for a new spark of life or strength in life.’ George Klockner

Supporting the Trust

The Calyx Trust is a Charity Supporting Health and Wellbeing. It relies upon donations from Individuals, Businesses and Charitable Trusts and Foundations.

To support the Trust please contact the Secretary at 52, Bowling Green Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 3RZ, or email

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The Calyx Trust is a registered company operating a registered charity. Company No 3696667 Charity No 1077375

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